Things Piled

Many many things have piled like a mountain these day, there're projects, documents, homework and other matters to do, oh my god!

However, I've been feeling much better than last semester since I know better how to deal with a lot of things concurrently, that's really an important ability.

Another thing is that, I failed in the interview of Olympic volunteers, a little disappointment, but, anyway, I'll be able to stay at home and take a good relax.


Fist of Fury

This is the English name for the TV drama 'Jing Wu Men' I mentioned. I've be watching it for days, to review the excitement that I have when I was a little boy.

The story really touch me, I hate the Cai Xuefu to death, I hate the face when I was a little boy, but now, of course, I know the difference between the actor and the role he plays :)

Actually, to tell the truth, I' always don't like be affected by a fake story, however I just can't help myself.

There're many principles of how to be a human in it, but maybe some are to idealist, however I still like them, I shall follow them in the future, because I believe in it.

I like this TV drama, that's where I first know Donnie Yen, I've seen now many movies or drama of him, and this one is one of my favourite Kung Fu drama.



I downloaded a BeatJP.mp3 today, I really like it!

It was the closing theme for a TV drama program more than 10 years ago, called Jing Wu Men. It was produced in HongKong and I watched it when I was very young. It told a story of Chen Zhen, a hero of China, and my father and I were really excited seeing he fighting some bad Japanese.

Now I'm interested in the author, Liang Bangyan, I'll found some music composed by him, and have a listen.


I've been busy recently, nothing to do except study, society activities and some research.

Not bad, huh? But I'm not quite happy on this.

First is there're many things I love but I've no time to do now, for example, DRAWING! I promised to some of my friends to draw a picture for him/her, but... well, I'm trying to find some time.

Another, I'm still hesitating about what to do after graduating, one way is to go abroad, another is to stay here, maybe until graduate student. I have to do more investigation. But one big things facing with me is whether to participate the GRE test. Oh, so many things to consider, it's too hard to be a student.

Well, give me a break, I won't yet die even without those things. Maybe they'll be solve later, automatically.


Got a photo from Eliza

4 months ago I sent a letter to Eliza Bennett, and I've just got a reply from her.

No letters but a photo of her with 'To WangLu, Best Wishes, Eliza' signed on it. I'm still very happy on it, a really lovely photo.

Actually I haven't any hope since 1 month after I had sent the letter, but my roommate just bring the letter to me today. Woo!

I'm thinking if I'll write to her again, hoho. She's a nice girl.


Days in Country

I've just came back from the country with my Mon, I had three wonderful days there.

It was in HeJian, HeBei Province. Last year, I went to a country in the South of China, which is quite different from this country, a north one. Almost no need to say that, the air, the sky, the whole environment was so nice. I enjoyed a lot. Besides I saw the framland there, not a big one, but just one in front of the house we lived. There were many plants there, not all of which I have ever seen.

There was a 3-year-old girl there, who is my niece according to the family tree (her grandgrandmother is my grandmother's sister). She was very lovely, not speaking Mandarin, but there were always funny words came from her mouth, makes me smiling all the time. She did know a lot about the plants in the framland -- far more than my knowledge. I do respect her at this point.

The only two inconvenient things were no-Internet and no-roads. Except for these, it was really a wonderful life there. And I believe that these could be solved in few years, as the country developing.

I really appreciate those time I spent there, and I hope to be there once more.


Thoughts about myself

Long time no see. Not any special things happened. I've got home for
days. I've not got many things to do, so I have some time to think
about myself. (At school days, I'm always busy with my study,
homework, projects etc.)

I've just found myself somewhat cold-minded, I mean not very
enthusiastic for everything expect a few, especailly, I don't like to
talk with others. Maybe it's because of the Internet, in one of my
articles about it, I found that since IM is quite popular and
convenience for people to communicate with others, many don't use
other ways at all, even face to face, and, what's more, I'm kind of
this type, always I don't know what to say to a stranger, or sometimes
even an acquaintance, in my mind, there's always those things I like,
about computers, programming, Linux... this kind of things, which is
not popular, that not many people would like to hear. However, the
'popluar' things such like pop music, are those I don't like most.
Often I found myself no having common language with others except a
few, and when I found someone shares interests with me, I could event
somewhat burn into tears.

I like computer since I was 6 years old, and I like those technologies
that very few people like or understand. Besides, other than computer,
hardly do I like anything, except a few, say, drawing, music (I mean
music, not songs), mathematics puzzles.

I'm always good at studying by myself, since my mother trained my well
when I was very young. And, I was well-trained when I was in high
school, when I took part in CMO (China Maths Olympic), from which I
got a careful and agile way of thinking. As a result, I'm always like
to reading and studying myself, and often I don't have much hard
problems to talk with others about.

There're probably many other reasons, that I'm not always talk to
others positvely. I've been like these for years, and I thinks I'm
losing the ability to comminucate. That's dangerous!

Before, I was dreaming of become a programmer, even carelless if I
would only be in the lowest-level. But, after seeing many facts about
programmers, especailly Chinese programmers, I found that always
programmers from China has a similar mind, the result is almost every
one is in the lowest-level. There was a one-sentence joke, saying
Americans run computer companys, got salary of $100 a month, Indians
manage projects, got salary of $10 a month, but Chinese do
programming, got salary of $1 a month. This is not only a joke for me.
I don't want to be a slave now, and I want to learn more than
programming and become a leader some day. And of course, the ability
of communicting with others is quite important.

When in the university, there's no TV in the dorm and I don't watch
Internet-TV. But I've watched TV a lot since I got home. I found many
good programs, and I found that the common life is so beautiful and
divert which I've not ever found. I'm happy to see, and become
confident to face it.

I decide to open my mind to the life, be positve all the time. It's
really bad to focus on only program, in that way, I'll become a robot,
I hate that! I'll try to find my new life.


Temporary spare time

It've been days since my last article.

Well, my summer term has just ended, I were such busy that I couldn't
do things except my homework... I had at-least-3-hour class each day,
and sometimes even 6-hours, I don't like this kind of learning...

I learned 16-bit assembly language and the Java language, and I wrote
a 4000-line program in the last 2 weeks, which was called WLExplorer,
a file explorer just like that of Windows.

Now I get some spare time, I shall appreciate this and relax.

I was too tired!



I've spent several weeks in playing this game. And I've walked through
the Commandos I & II.

This is of an absolutely new type to me, and the exactly one I like
most. The second one is much better than the first (although the first
is also really good). Specially I like the BGM of Commandos II very
much, I was really moving when hearing the opening BGM.

I"m really interesting about the real commandos, after some searching
on the web, I found some clues, there were really comandos, who were
hard-trained and brave soldiers. They always fight with enemies at the
front. I really respect them, they devote themselves to their

Since my computer is rather old, with low-performance hardware, I
don't suppose it could run Commandos III (But the hardware test of
Commandos II said that my computer is of high-performance :) ). So I
could just wait for my new computers.

I really like this game.


Moon Crystal

This is a FC (that is NES) game, which I've played maybe more than 10 years ago.

It was bought by my father in Japan, and was one of the few games I've
played in my childhood, and I could remember some of its content, and
the fact that it was too hard for me to go through even only the first

It's annoying that you want to find something, but not knowing the
name of it. In that case you cannot just simply search for it using
Google. These days I've been really interested in playing old FC
games, and at one moment this game came into my mind. I was just
remember how happy I was when I was a little child playing this game
-- although even couldn't pass stage 1.

And I determined to find it, first I found a rather long list of FC
roms, with links to screenshots of each game. After that, I examined
all those labeled of type ACT, and check their links. I managed to
find that game at page 15 or around. At the first glance of the
screenshot, a feeling hits me: 'seems like it is!', and after a
clearer look, 'Yes! That's it!'. And then I was so excited, downloaded
it and loaded it with an emulator.

The familiar music arose, and then familiar scenes. Oh! That's it!
There were Japanese characters that I couldn't say when I was young
(and neither now), but they were just familiar to me! And in the
stages, I saw the familiar actions of the main character, the bonus
items of heart shape, the bad guys and many other things.

However I found it difficult even now, but that's not a problem now, I
could do some cheating on it, since I've got some 'high technology' --
the emulator! Besides, I found an English version of the game so I can
examine the depiction and the dialogue.

It took me some time before I went through it, it may be not a very
good game for others, but to me, it is special. There is so much sweet
memory on it. I like it!


A fatal bug found on the car!

Oh my god!

I've just found a fatal bug on the car, my 4th drawing. Then that more-than-30-hour thing will not be perfect in my mind any more. However it is still important to me.

Well, be careful about the two wheels on the picture, the back one is good, I mean the shape is clear, but about the front one, the upper part, see? Not clear shape there, but a black mass! Oh, I had just been careless!

However, I cant modify it now, since I've signed my name and have posted it on my blog and some BBS. I have to leave it as an imperfect artwork of mine, which reminds me to be careful in the future.


My 4th drawing: A Peugeot Car

Here comes the 4th one! A Peugeot car.

Well this one cost me at least 30 hours, maybe still underestimated. I find that it takes me longer and longer time to draw one picture. And besides, the source file (I mean the file generated by Artstudio recording the sequence I've drawn this picture) is more than twice as big as the last one (the one of the TA). Oops, I hope it will increases slower, otherwise I won't be able to stand. However, on the other hand, I really have drawn more and more complicated pictures.

My next target is to 'really' draw one, since till now I've just trace the original photo in order to get the shapes, and then do the coloring. And this is not enough for me, I want to try some real draw, that is, to draw a photo at side, not under the ‘canvas'.

But this is not easy, at least right now, I'll practice more until I have more confidence.

At least, I'm content with this one. Hmm..


Live Free or Die Hard

I've watched the first 3 movies of this series, and this is the 4th
one. However, I'm not losing interest to it.

As the hero like before, Bruce Willis still good in the movie!
There're many unbelievable scene in it, where I can tell if it is real
or just made by computer.

Of course there're many serious scene in it, and this time John (that
is the hero played by Bruce) is not alone, there's a hacker with him.
Meanwhile their opposites are also stronger than before, they use high
technology to control the whole USA. And at last, you bet, they had
been broken up by the two man.

This serious is special to me, since the hero is not only brave and
skilled, but also very smart and calm. each time he (or this time with
a partner) could break up a group or deliberated criminals. That seems
impossible, in my mind. He could always find the weakness of the bad
buys as soon as possible, from there, to break up them and deal with
them one by one. It is really amazing!

I like this movie.


The Contractor

I've just watched this movie. Just like it!

Uh...Basically, it's a story about a framed killer, James, casted by
Wesley Snipes. He took order from his upstairs, to kill a terrorist,
but his driver was killed by the police when they tried to escape.
However, the upstairs wouldn't protect him, but instead, to protect
himself, he tried to kill James, in order to let him 'shut up'. What's
more complicated, the killing was happened in England, and the police
station there was also involved. The story is about their fightings.

Well, that's not a quite special story, and leading role was always
being able to escape each time the police or the upstairs wanted to
catch him. They were portrayed somewhat stupid, as it is always in
this kind of movie :) But the action and shooting scenes are quite
good, with the background music, you can absolutely feel the

On the other hand, there was a girl who helped James all the time, who
was casted by Eliza Bennett, not famous I think, but I really like
her. The girl was an orphan living with her grand mother only. She had
developed a some depressed temper and always told lies (However, she
becomes happier and more honest at last, I like this). James happened
to hide in the house of Whitney, which was the alias of the dead
driver, this man was a friend of the girl, and maybe the only one. So
the girl wanted to help James, since told that he was a friend of

The girl was really smart and brave, she did a lot to help James. I
love Eliza's acting, which was very natural and real. But her name was
not even in the main characters' list after the movie, but only in the
casting list, I think it should be there.

Good movie, anyway.


Beneath the steel sky

I've finished this game yesterday.

It was kind of adventure game, where you make the main character go
around the places, get items and to use them in the proper place. And
it was really hard, after a few hours,I gave up and searched for a
walkthrough, and it was really long and complicated. I followed it and
managed to got the end.

This game was produced in 1997, and first under DOS I think, and I
played in a emulator under Linux. There were many dialogs in the game,
with text and sound, and the prologue is very long. The story was just
a simple, old (but maybe fashionable at its time) science fiction, and
only one ending. However, there are many dangerous areas, without
carefulness, you may die and have to play from the beginning; besides,
there are areas where you cannot pass through with walkthrough only,
you should do tricky and swiftly.

Basically this is a good game.


Gyakuten Saiban 4

Hu...I've spent really a long time before I walked through this game.
Maybe I can't be cool to review the courses for the final before I
finish this game, so I managed to do this.

Well, such a long, complicated but great story! Basically there're
only four cases, but there're so many people involved, and the four
cases are not separated, but each one has something to do with

The main line is the case 7 years ago that affect our main character
in the first 3 generation of this game. And this is not revealed until
the 'last minute', I have to admire the authors, the relationship
between the people, and the items in it, are far away from my
imagination. One little item could reverse the whole thing!

Usually, at the beginning, the player may be mislead, (well, the
author is bad :D), or rather, the cases are not actually happened as
they looked like. There's also a deep matter inside each matter. So
at last, the players would be surely to be astonished about the real
thing. At least, I was.

I'm always excited when playing this game, however, the emulator is
not rather good, and the speed is too slow all the time, so I think I
have not enjoyed this game totally, especially the music! I'll find
them on the Internet, and listen to them some other day.

However, I did finish it now, and what's most important to me is to be
well prepared for the final exam. Hmm...


Phoenix Wright -- Ace Attorney

This is the English name of the game 'Gyakuten Saiban' I mentioned before, and I've stayed up late for two night, in playing the episode 5 'Rise from the Ashes'.

It was really a good story, as it has always been, and it was really long. I spent such a long time in playing it even with a walkthrough at hand. And it spoils the game to some extend, but I just want to save some time. Indeed, what I enjoy the most is the story.

As always, it seems like you'll have no chance to win at the beginning, however, the main character Phoenix Wright is always able to let it prolonged, and get more information during the extra time. And in the trail Miles Edgeworth always fight with him perfectly (Well, I think this could happen only in the game.).

In this episode, there's a new lovely girl called Ema Skye, who is the sister of the defendant. She always wants to do things scientifically, and she believes in her sister Lana Skye all the time.

I like the localization of this game, that the scripts and the names are all turned into English, not only translated I mean, but seems like rewritten in English, by native English speakers. This reminds me of the Chinese version of Everybody loves Raymond.

Always I'm wondering how could this be done? I mean the total thing, music, artwork, story, program, and many many other things. Each piece works such well. I think the team who made the game must have cooperate very well. I really admire them.


The 3rd, Done!

As I've mentioned about, this is the girl who would like to allow me to draw one of her photos, and it has been done recently.

Totally, it had cost me at least 15 hours! That is not a small number for me, since I had spent at most 5 hours in drawing one single picture before this one.

Anyway, I did gain much experience this time, for example, one should show the whole face first, excluding eyes, nose or mouth; and then after the skin (I mean shape, color, and shadow) has been mainly determined, one should start to draw the feature. Besides, there is still much, that I can't tell in words, but really useful I think.

Here're some facts about this drawing:

The part I like most: the hat
The part I don't like most: her teeth
The part in which I spent the most time: her nose
The matter pleased me most: someone had thought this picture was just processed by software like PhotoShop

I'm really glad that the girl in this picture is content with my drawing. So I hadn't wasted my time. I do appreciate her, as well as her 'braveness'.

And I will keep practicing, certainly.


Ideas about drawing

You see, I've drawn a cartoon girl and a swallow, but I'm not content
with this, I want to be able to draw a real person.

Really thanks to a girl I know, who agreed to give me a photo of her
to draw, even knowing that I've never drawn a real person before.

I found it really difficult to draw a person, not like a cartoon
character or animals of things. The reasons, I thinks, is that we're
peopel ourselves, and we pay more attention on each others' faces. I
found that a little more of less shadow would make the face looks very

I've rarely use color before I could draw with computer, because it is
troublesome and not easy to handle, I always make it darker and
darker. But now it's ok, and I'm trying to deal with this.

When I was young (well, I'm still young now, I mean 'younger than
now'), I was always astonished by those perfect canvases, people drawn
on it are such true to nature, sometimes even more beautiful than real
person. I have been dreaming of being able to do a n artwork like

Now, I can't do so amazing as that. but I'm practising, and I can
feel my improvement.

Well, I have to say, by the way, I've drawn too much these days,
affecting my study somewhat, and I'll have to stop it for a while...


A Swallow Drawn By Me

After buying a digital drawing table (which is called wacom 2000 graphire tablet), my desire to drawing keeps increasing.

So here comes the second one, and still, not perfect, but enough for me.

I like it!


Just Follow Law

I just watched this movie today, and I liked it very much!

The story is mainly about one lady (casted by Fann Wong) and one man
who work in WAS (Work Allocation Singapore), the lady is called Tanya
Chew and the man is called Lim Tengzui. Tanya is the upstair of Lim,
and they had some controversy at first. And at an accident, they
'exchanged their soul', or 'exchanged their body'. In the following
days, they knew the other and the other's life better, at last they
got along well, and worked together, fighting with the 'bad guys'.

There're also well-written roles, such like the bumbling directors,
the disingenuous CEO, the unlucky guard, the lovely daughter of Lim,
the kind mother of Tanya.

Baiscally this is a comedy, there were many funny episodes inside it,
making me cannot help myself laughing loudly. Besides, it satirizes
the goverments, and their 'black and while'.

I like the story, the scripts, and the two main actors, they acted
professionally. For example, Fann Wong acted as an man 'scared and
excting' man finding out that he had turned into a woman, which is

In a word, this is a good movie!


My First Hand Drawing CG

I drew this picture using the software called 'ArtStudio', which is amazing!

This picture is not perfect, but I don't make it too strict, since it's my first hand drawing CG.

I'll keep practising.


Gyakuten Saiban

I've been very busy these days, because moutains of projects,
homework, and examinations are coming... However, I've managed to make
a little time, to write down a game I'd been playing.

Its name is Gyakuten Saiban, of course in Japanese. It was produced by
CAPCOM, which is a game about attorney. In fact I'd played through the
first 3 episodes of this game, but I really like it, so I replayed
them several weeks ago. Besides, I found that the 4th episode had been
released, and the first two chapter had been translated into Chinese
by the NZAce Team (Thanks to them!), and I can't help to download it
and play.

About the game, it is the only game of its kind I've played, you acted
as an attorney in the game, what you need to do is to save the
defendants -- your clients, to prove they are not guilty. You must
scrutinize the crime scene, to collect as much evidence as possible,
and during the trial, you must listen carefully to the testimonies of
the witnesses, and found out the contradiction in it (some witnesses
are the real criminals, and some are misled by the prosecutors).
Actually not all the defendants in this games are not guilty, in some
chapters, the attorney have to prosecute his own client.

There are more and more new game elements are new episodes realesing,
for example, in the 2nd episode, you'll have a jade, using which you
may look inside others' mind, to know whether they have something they
can't say. and in the lastest episode, you can examine and match the
finger print and foot print, also, you may scrutinize the evidences,
there're even 3d objects!

Well, I had a lot of fun playing them, I really admire the authors.

Not only this, the background music are also impressive, now I have a
complete (or almost) collection of the background music of the game,
and I'm keeping listening to them these days.

By the way, this game was first introduced to me by girl who has the
same name with me, and I'm really grateful to her.

That's all about the game, and now I have to continue my homework, oops.


Mr Bean's Holiday

I watched this movie days ago, and I like it.

It's Mr Bean again! Long time no see. Well, the movie didn't make me
laugh all the time, and it was a movie indeed.

Mr Bean is kind-hearted, funny and sometimes stupid. Sometimes he's
very lucky and sometimes maybe he is the most unlucky people. But
always, his story is funny! And the humour is in English style, I
think, something different from our Asians, nor Amercia, as I have
watched some American sitcoms.

I don't want to talk about the story, watch it if you're interested in
it. I recommend it strongly, I've watched it for more than 3 times,
and what's more, I'm writing this article, watching the movie.

Oh, Mr Bean!

Terrible May Day

Recent May Day's and National Day's have been terrible to me. It is
not sure that I don't like vacation, but always I kept busy with my
homework or something else during the whole 7 days, even busier than
as usual.

Finally I've finished by project about handwriting digit recognition.
At last the accuracy rate was a little more than 83%, not very
good, but I was happy about that still -- it is al done by myself!

This is the first time I separate the GUI and the core completely, I
programmed in Flash and C++ respectively, and using network
communication to exchange information between them. It was cool!

And this is also the first time I use the component in Flash, I used
many in my GUI, and it is much easier and faster than making a GUI
with Visual C++, and it is easier to program and has a better looking
than Visual Basic. Its only defect, however, is the lack of ability of
calculating, it is too slow to do some complicated math using Flash,
to solve which, I push most of the calculation in the core part.

That's not the end, however, there are still mountains of homework
waiting for me. Oh. Wish I would be able to finish them in time.


96 annerversary celebration of Tsinghua

It is the 96th anniversary celebration of our school today, as a
volunteer of Zijing team, I'm assigned to send questionnaires to the
alumi came today, along with much other students, with just the same

I don't think I'm suitable to do this, first I'm always too shy to
talk with strangers, especially in the topics I don't like (well, I
could do better when talking in the topics I like such as technology).
And second, I hate to be interrupped and asked for fill in a long
annoying questionnaire, when I walk in the school, along with my old
classmates, if I were a alumni. And I don't want to annoy others, so I
don't want to go and ask some people 'would you like to spend minutes
in filling my questionaire'. It's somethings like flies!

However, I didn't do a good job today, and I'll list some excuses:

1.I hadn't have a meal today, neither breakfast nor dinner. I was so
hungry at that moment.

2.I hate to annoy others, as I've just said, especially to thost who
have already done a questionaire. So I need to decide whether he/she
has not been asked for questions. Alumini would be give a notebook if
he has done a questionaire, so I just watched then, to see wheter he's
holding a notebook at his hand. However, I found that many of them did
have one, and for those who didn't, I always see students went and
asked them, but often got only negative replies (either he had already
done, or he didn't want to). I was totally discouraged by this.

3.I'm a boy, and a boy who is totally attracted by technology. I have
no good looking nor sweet voice as girls, and I have no passion in
talking with strangers in such topic as quesionaire.

4.I think there are a lot of unneccessary question in it, such like
'Do you agree with the idea 'xxx' of the school', which is, I think,
not probably answered 'no', even a man who disagree with it somewhat,
as long as he's not completedly disagree. I think it is wasting time
of the alumni.

Well, notice that I wrote 'excuses' but not 'reasons' above. It is my
fault or weak. I saw girls always able to deal with a group of people,
well, but completely opposite with boys, I even saw three boys asking
questions to one alumnus. That's only what I saw, and I can't say
everyone is like this.

And, I didn't came without even one filled quesionaire, one kind
people saved me. There were always people taking pictures around me,
and often they need an extra hand to take a picture of all of them. I
like to do so, because it makes people happy, I feel good to help
others. And one man happened to asked me for help, of course I said
ok. After the picture, he noticed the pieces of paper in my hand, and
asked me what was that, then he completed the long annoying
questionaire, I'm really grateful to him.

Last year I was in charge of registering of alumni, it was good, I did
feel good of helping others, but not this year... However I will still
participate next year.

Now I know it is really hard to do such work, at least for me; and I
know it is important that the job is done by one who really like it or
want to do it well.

Hope that I will get a job that I am reall interested in, even with
not much salary.


Typing with 9 fingers

I hurt my right middle finger yesterday, not too seriously but not
trivially either. It have been bound up and I had an injection because
of this.

So now, I have to type with 9 fingers for some days, and I found that
this is interesting.

It is not 9 actually, since I rarely use my left thumb when typing, I
always hit the space key with the right one. so now I'm typing with 8

The right middle finger should be in charge of the 4 keys of 8,i,k and
comma, while I've not been very standard, I use to hit the comma key
with my right ring finger, so I have just 'lost' 3 keys, and now, they
are controlled by the ring finger.

My type speed has not been decreased too much because of this, and I
only stick on the suffix 'tion', which you could type very fast using
4 fingers but not 3.

I'm getting used of using the ring finger instead of the middle one,
and I'm afraid I would not be able to use the middle finger properly
after it is cured. And besides I'm consider practice my typing speed
by 'losing' one finger each time, I mean, bind it up and then do the
practice, I've no idea about its effect.

Anyway, I hope my finger will be cured soon.

Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

I had saw this on CCTV several years ago, but it had stopped because
many magicians protested against it. :(

And today I happened to get a copy of this show, which is about 4-hour
long. I am still crazy about this, as the first time I saw it.

In the show, there was a masked magician, who played a number of great
magics, of different kinds and different sizes. After each magic show,
he would tell the secret behind it.

After knowing the secret, I'm taught to be more careful about
everything. There was a great example: in some magic shows, there
would be a big box, and to prove it is empty, without any hidden trick
inside it, probably the magician would open it and you could look
through it. Have you ever noticed the order that the magician opened
the front door (or wall,face...) and the back one? And here is the
trick! If he opened the back door first, and then the first door, what
he could have proved was only that there was no STABLE things inside,
that's because a people could have got out and hidden behind the back
door before the front door is opened! After that, the magician would
always close the first door first, for the similar reason.

Magicians always make illusions, without audiences' attention. What
they could do are just making tricks on the item that would be used
during the show and making magical performance on the stage. Always I
hate the former one, because it's boring and there's not much
technique in it, only things like hidden doors, loosen ropes, fake
locks and somethings like that, audience always have known that there
are no ordinary widgets in a magic show! (well, I have to say, I
appreciate the men who invented these tricks and who played them
first) I appreciate the latter one much more, you can make tricks on
me, and I'll appreciate it only when it is performed under my eyes and
without my attention, indeed this proves your skill.

The greatest magic I think is the street magic, where the magician
doesn't wear too much (to show that he can't hide anything along his
body), and always use small things that are common used in our lives,
such like coins, playing cards and etc., sometimes he'll let you
examine carefully the widgets he'll use (while this is somewhat
impossible for big magic shows), and sometimes he'll even get
something from you (such like glasses, cashes) to play the trick. Even
so, most of time I can't tell the secrets behind the trick (and
sometimes, I cant's see him moving even I had know the principle
before!), the magician always moves so fast and always makes you focus
on the point that is not important at all (but you may have thought
you had seen the most important place!). This kind of magicians are
really good in my opinion.

Back to the documentary I have mentioned at first, the masked magician
may be called Mitch Pileggi according to a web page, he was great! And
although I could understand those people who protest against this
documentary, I think they should work hard and created more creative
tricks. Most of the tricks in the documentary are simple but tricky,
and it's not so interesting for magician to still use them, many of
them have been used for tens of years, or even over a hundred.

After all, I like magic shows, I have been interesting in playing simple magics.

Kirby Superstar

It is a famous game on sfc(snes) and GBA, and I like it!

The main character is a pink ball-like thing, who can breath others in
and get their abilities such like sword, fire, etc.. It can also fly
after breathed air in.

It has been one of my favorite games on simulators of old game
machines. I like it's design, which is absolutely different from
others. I have never seen a game similar with this one.

There are many variances of this game, each of which is good. And I
like its happy, delightful background music.

Always I like the game that is interesting and without complicated
rules or many controlling buttons. And simulators is one example of
this type. I do appreciate the designers who created these games.
Without them, I don't know how much fun I would had lost.



Found that I have seen many famous people these days. Today I saw Kaspersky who came here giving a lecture about anti-virus.

He's Russian, speaking English with some Russian accent though. He's humourous and often there's smile on his face (well, just like Gates yesterday).

And at last I got a T-shirt with Kaspersky's face printed on it (not only me but also every other one), it was good.

However, I have never used Kaspersky anti-virus software, huh.


Headquarter of Sohu.com

Today I vistited the headquarter of sohu.com, which is not far from
Tsinghua University. It was good.

The work spaces I had seen at first was too small I think, even
smaller than mine in my dorm, while there were bigger ones, which I
had seen later.

The rooms are clean, and there was a pantry, not big but interesting.
Ms Tian (often we call her Sister Tian informally) led us around, we
visited R&D group, and the groups who are in charge of Sogou input
method, Sohu web search, Chinaren alumni and etc., respectively and
also we saw the Olympic Wall and some other interesing places (all the
rooms are named after some people or some famous places) . And there
were many alumni of Tsinghua University, so many!

We spent about 1.5 hours there, and I felt good.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates came to our university today, receiving the honorary doctor
degree from Tsinghua and also giving a speech.

Well finally I see the real man Gates, the same as the one I have seen
in the newspaper. I found somewhat difficult to understand his
English, and there's always smile on his face.

I don't like Microsoft very much, but Gates is one of my favorite
people. He's really a great person.



Well I'm going to talk about interests in details.

`I like computer, especially programming' that's what I have been
always saying, since when I was in high school. And that has been
true, but something has changed during the time.

I used to be interested in reverse engineering (which is a technology
of cracking), assembly language, and C++. And now, what I can call `my
interests', maybe only Flash

I'm not saying that I don't like others anymore, it's just that I
can't call them `interests'. Now, C++ is always some assignments,
where I can't say it's 'interests'. And besides, I don't have time to
do something about assembly language or reverse engineering.

I said 'Interests would stop when it becomes assignment'. And it's
true, I think. I have to find my interests.

Well,well, above, I just talked about my interests in IT area,
actually I like piano and drawing also. I had quited a piano lesson
before but now I still like playing it. And I've been always refusing
drawing classes suggested by my parents, although they meant mean to
me. And these, are similar as above, I just to avoid them become
'assignment'. But, I have to say, it is because of the piano lessons I
had that I could keep playing it now.


I didn't feel good recently.

My friends often asked me about my plan to the future, while I always
said that I hadn't a plan yet, because in our IT area, everything is
changing so quickly than even I had mad a plan, it would have been
useless several years later.

But now, maybe it is the time for me to make a decision, since I'm
already a sophomore, or precisely, in the second semester.

I found losing myself now, I don't have a target now. I wonder whether
I would be `useful' to the society. Always I'm talking about I just do
what I'm interested in. but I'm interested in many aspects, where
there's not a special one, which is also an excuse for not determining
my future.

I do have some advantage, I think. But I don't know when and where
shall I be able to take advantage of them. Sometimes I found them

I had wanted to be `perfect' before, just be an expert of every
technology interesting me. Well, it is impossible of course, I am just
an ordinary people. And I have to make a choice.

I think I know some ideas about this. I've just made a presentation
about 'reason of worry' in my English class. And also do I know that
sometimes one should give up something, etc.. But it's hard! When
considering the technologies I like, I found I `don't' like them at
all! That is just because there's not a special one, I think, and when
I compare them with each other, they seem to be the same.

It becomes more and more obliging to me, I should be quick.


Hate my voice

Well I've learned when I was very young, that one always has a
different feeling about his own voice from others, and the reason is
intuitive: the sound goes on different ways to his own and to others,
one is through the head-bone (there must be a word for that :) ), and
the other is air, of course.

And, yesterday I had a class called Advanced English Speaking, during
which my group had a advertisement show. It was taken into video, and
I heard my voice in it.

Rarely did I think I had a accent from Tianjin, but yesterday I
changed my mind, I think I do have, and maybe rather strong. Oops!
'He', just completely another people, is recognized as me by others,
oh my!

I have to face with this, and that's OK, and maybe also interesting.


On today's Theory Computer Science class, there was a foreign teacher
gave us a lecture. Um.. Mr. Yao often invited famous professors coming
to give us a lecture about some interesting and modern topics. But
this one, somewhat special to me, had a foreign accent, for example,
he would say 'doo' while he meant 'two', or 'gase' instead of 'case'.
Seems that he did not distinguish voices such like 'b' and 'p', 'k'
and 'g', and something like that, and sometimes he used to make a
tongue-twist voice, which I thought was some Russian.

This is similar when I hear some South accent of Chinese, it's
interesting. At first I may not know what he is saying, but I could be
sure that he's speaking Chinese (while there're some accents which are
far from Putonghua I think), and what's more interesting, after some
words, I could recognize his words regularly.

There was a lecture about acoustic recognizing, saying that people
could establish some 'correspondence' from the speaker's voice to his
own known language, and now I agree with it completely. I had exactly
that feeling while in today's class, and at last, there seemed be not
much difficulty for me to understand him. It was cool!

I'm thinking that isn't it an other way of improving English learning? Probably.


Sea3d & Cities3D

Finally I found the two games for the Settlers of Catan, which could play online. I knew that MSN provide a Catan Online, but it is not free.

I found them both from www.s3dconnector.net , I tried Cities first, but it doesn't work, maybe it's due to my poor network environment. After that I tried Sea3D, and it works well, I registered for the ladder ranking, and then was able to play online with many other players.

It is really fun to play with real persons!

And by the way, it seems that I've playing two much these days, since I found a lot homework piled... So I decided, NO game for a week! We'll see.


Settlers of Catan

The title is the name of a board game, which I like very much. Now I'm trying to describe its rules.

I think the design is really marvelous and reason. There's a map in the game, which is composed by several hexagon cards. Each card represent a type of resources out of 5, which are ore, sheep, wheat, wood and brick. Before each game, the cards should be shuffled and from which we can compose a random map. There are also small, round cards with number from 3 to 12 printed on them, and the number of the cards with the same number depends on the probability of the number would be a sum of numbers of two die. Those cards should be put on the hexagons with one for each. Above is the steps of composing the map, which I thinks is of a really really brilliant design. It simulates the real world very well.

About 3-6 players should take part in the game, and they should play in turn. Before all, the players should choose the positions of their first two houses, which is in a reasonable order: suppose there are N people in game, then the order should from 1 to N and then N to 1. After that, all have been prepared and the game should start. Players play in turn, in which the one can choose to do one of the following operations: construct a something by spending some resource, trade resources with some one also or 'the bank', get a development card, and etc.. There are detailed rules, which I don't want to say them all, but all of them is well-designed in my opinion. For example, the round cards with numbers represent the probability of the area represented by the hexagon card right below this one, so the cards with number 6 and 8 and 'hot area', which might give most resource. Notice that there is no card with number 7, which is for the 'robber', also well-defined in the rule.

The aim is to develop yourself by constructing houses or somethings like that to win points. Usually you cannot decrease others' points, but for some 'extra points' such like points for 'the longest road' or for 'the longest army', you can fight for it if you want, for example, to build a longer road than the one holding the card for 'the longest road' to win it.

In the game, players are always struggling with the resources, since most of time you could have all the resource, especially the ones you had been looking for. The solution to this is to trade resource with some one else, which make the game more interesting and more complicated. You should have your own strategy, for example, trading someone for resources your want, with resources he need but you are currently rich in. Also can you bargain to get a better prize.

And that's all I want to talk about its rules, for details, check Wikipedia of course.

This game was first introduced to me when I just entered university. And it was really board game, my friends and I were crazy for that game, and we often keep playing until it was too late. Some days ago I was looking for its computer game version, after many failures, finally I found one today. It was such familiar to me! I also found some variation of the game, which is also great.

I do admire the creator of the game, he must be a genius!

Thinking in quiet

Always I have no chance to be sitting in quiet on my chair, without any annoying noises. That was not only because there were always people around (I'm not blaming them), but also I'm such busy everyday. Every time I got up, I would rush for breakfast, and then to class or get myself busy with my homework. And in the evening, no matter I had done my work, I would have to go to bed, either I might have been too tired, or I had to get up early next morning. Day after day, I've been running in the circle.

It just happened to me today, just after finishing my dinner, I felt a little bit tired, and sat on my chair, closing my eyes. I was not sleeping, but neither awake I think. I was just thinking and thinking, about many things that had happened or not. It was great to do so! I felt much better after that.

Maybe it's better for me to muse again some other time.


To think in English

The most important thing I found in learning in English, is not to read more or write more, nor even speak more, but is to think in it, just I think. Usually I found myself think in Chinese and then try to translate it into English then say it out, or similar when I listen to some people. and that would be slow and inaccurate. I would be better in English, I think, if I have been thinking in English all the time.

The idea comes from the cartoon EVA.When Asuka first come out, along with EVA No.2, which was made in German, the machine couldn't understand Shinji (another main character), because he speak Japanese while EVA No.2 had been in the German mode. After Asuka asked the machine to turn into Japanese mode, it works.

I think language (excludng accent) is not only words and grammer,  but a way of thinking.


Google Summer of Code

I've wanted to take participate in GSoC, but after sumbitting a application, I found that I misunderstood about it. I thought the students are just apply to join the team, which provides the projects, but in fact, the students should apply projects created by themselves.
I'm just a little bit confused about it, and I think there's no hope for me to be admitted.
Maybe next time, when I have more experience.


Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst

I've been playing a game called Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst, basically it's a detective game, you have to find some special items in several rooms. The things are in a mess, and the things you've to find are just 'hidden', but it's not really hidden, since if you ask for hint, you'll see it 'clearly'. The things are just in the unusual position, sometimes just a pattern printed on a piece cloth, sometimes a part of a picture. You need an eagle's eye to find them.

There're also other puzzle rooms, where you'll have to make up a picture, or to run a complicated machine to unlock the door.

It's just a interesting game, and I found myself get many new words here :) many of the words are unfamiliar to me.

I think I love this game!


Episode 7 years ago

Today I watched the 27th & 28th episode of Get Smart Season 1, called Ship Of Spies, while it would have been nothing special if it were not the one I can still remember some, you know, it was more than 7 years ago! I can still remember the 'clip-clop' sound, and at the end, the murderer turned out to be the caption.
It is really amazing, to review something 7 years ago! Wow! Imagine how exciting I was!



I was assigned to do the account in the Science Technology Innovation Center (I made up this name in English), it was good, but I was a little afraid about that, for I happened to lost some money when I have to collect money for my class during my primary school time.

But I'm a sophomore now, I think and I must be able to do this work.


Writing in English

It's not quite comfortable to write in English at first, I'm always puzzled about whether there's some grammar mistake. Moreover, I find that I am not able to express my feeling or opinion precisely, or clearly. But, I'll keep practising.

There's a joke, which I don't treat it as a joke sometimes:

A father is talking with his son who was still in primary school, He want encourage his son to learn English hard. He said, 'You know what, even people in the poorest area in the USA or the UK can speak English well, why you can't?'

Something funny,  and I'll keep that in mind

Stupid Me

I did one of my stupid things today.

Last Friday, I went to swim with to roommates. Just before leaving the room, I thought 'There must be something left, I can feel about that', and I found that I had left my swimming cap and swimming glasses. And in the locker room, I took off my clothes, and, oh my god, I'd forgotten my swimsuit. Gotcha! I had to put them on again an hurried back to fetch them.

And today, I did remember to take all things, after after the swimming class, I came back to my room and said 'proudly', 'You know what, I did remember to bring my swimsuit, but... where are they now! Oh, I can't find them, I must have left them in the locker room. Then I hurried to the locker room, it was there. Oops!

I'm not well these days, I think, maybe I need some relaxation.

Still Get Smart

Oh I can't help laughing when watching Get Smart, it is funny, especially the gadgetries. And I like the introduction of this sitcom in verycd.com :

Set in Washington, D.C., the show features Agent 86 (Maxwell Smart), his boss (The Chief), Smart's partner and later wife (Agent 99) and a host of other agents both good and evil. Perhaps one of the most important elements of the show is the gadgetry created to help Smart in his quest to keep the free world free. On this show, anything including the kitchen sink can be a phone, a tape recorder, a camera or weapon. Looking for an Agent? Check under your seat cushion. Want a weapon? Try your finger-gun. Need to make a phone call? Open up that bologna sandwich. The show was painted in the broadest of strokes and played every moment for its own delightful reality.

The authors, Buck Henry and Mel Brooks, are really geniuses!

No perfect

The idea hit me when I was in the toilet today :)

Always, I think, that one should have a target all the time. And the target may be due to the defection of one. For example, if I'm poor, I would want to be rich, and I would work hard to get rich. However, I also think that there's no perfect and there should not be. If there were a 'perfect' man, he would not be. I mean, he would have no targets, he'll do nothing. I can imagine how bored I would be if I had completed all my targets.

This, however, could not be an excuse for not being hard-working, what I mean is that, it is an attitude to life. We are not lucky all the time, often  we lost some chance. Some guy said 'although I missed this one, what I'll get is better', that's also an attitude, and I agree with him.

I've just lost a chance to be exchanged to Hongkong Chinese University, it's nothing to me. I don't know why and I don't want to. Just to be calm to be faced with everything, I think, is the best way.


Neighbours From Hell

I've just played the game Neighbours From Hell 1 and 2, which is very fun I think, but it's of the type that I might play onlye once --- the second time would has much less fun as the first time --- although the game, from whatever respect, graphics, design, is really good.

In the game, you'll be able to control the main actor of the 'show', to hoax another guy --- not a good guy, I think. There're many stages in it, the layouts are similar but the items there and quite different. There're also trick combination there, which would make more fun.

I don't thinks I had played games of this type before, and I found it very funny.

Get Smart

There's usually something encouraging me to create a blog and write some articles, and this is it.

Get Smart is an old sitcom during 1960's, and I'd watched when I was in primary school. I can remember clearly the opening and ending of the sitcom, and I still remember how happy I was when I watched it, even I was not able to understand the Chinese dub completely.

Last vocation, I watched Everybody Loves Raymond on CCTV-8, and I love it! After came back school, I've found its original version in English using Emule, downloaded some episodes and watched almost all of the first season (Hey, it's not long from the beginning of the term), it's great! And, I don't know why, I felt nostalgic today and searched for Get Smart, and fortunately I did found it. It hadn't taken much time before I downloaded one episode and enjoyed it, how much I love it!

By the way, I seem to do much less learning these days, and I've warned myself already. Oops, I'll watch less, although both of them are quite good, wow, I like some American humour.

About the name

The name 'Lonely Hedgehog' was from a fable, which I read during my high school period, maybe, since I can't remember it clearly. I've chosen it because it it somewhat similar to me, for I felt lonely sometimes, I wanted more friends; but however, I found that I always hurt my friends that very close to me :( actually I don't want to be that at all --- which is just like the hedgehog in the fable.

Nowadays, it is not the case, I think, but I still remember it, and make it of the title of my blog, which is just a memory and reflection to me.

Settled down

Finally I've decided to create another blog with my 'diary things', while the first one http://coolwanglu.blogspot.com still exists, containing only articles, written by me or not,  about computer technology. That's my way, to separate work from life, and I feel good.

Moreover I've decided to write in this blog in English, although I'll keep in my mind that I'm a Chinese. There're several reasons for this: one is that I'm feeling that I need English now, since there're so many computer technology books for me to read. At least currently, English is needed for every people who're interested in computer science, and to write in English is a rather good  way to practice it. Another reason is that, it's much more quick to type in English than in Chinese. And after all, I've had a blog in Chinese already.

I'm sure that there'll be many mistakes in my articles :( while I won't mean to, it's just because of my poor English, and I'll keep practising, however.

I'm wondering whether it'll help, We'll see!