Just Follow Law

I just watched this movie today, and I liked it very much!

The story is mainly about one lady (casted by Fann Wong) and one man
who work in WAS (Work Allocation Singapore), the lady is called Tanya
Chew and the man is called Lim Tengzui. Tanya is the upstair of Lim,
and they had some controversy at first. And at an accident, they
'exchanged their soul', or 'exchanged their body'. In the following
days, they knew the other and the other's life better, at last they
got along well, and worked together, fighting with the 'bad guys'.

There're also well-written roles, such like the bumbling directors,
the disingenuous CEO, the unlucky guard, the lovely daughter of Lim,
the kind mother of Tanya.

Baiscally this is a comedy, there were many funny episodes inside it,
making me cannot help myself laughing loudly. Besides, it satirizes
the goverments, and their 'black and while'.

I like the story, the scripts, and the two main actors, they acted
professionally. For example, Fann Wong acted as an man 'scared and
excting' man finding out that he had turned into a woman, which is

In a word, this is a good movie!


My First Hand Drawing CG

I drew this picture using the software called 'ArtStudio', which is amazing!

This picture is not perfect, but I don't make it too strict, since it's my first hand drawing CG.

I'll keep practising.


Gyakuten Saiban

I've been very busy these days, because moutains of projects,
homework, and examinations are coming... However, I've managed to make
a little time, to write down a game I'd been playing.

Its name is Gyakuten Saiban, of course in Japanese. It was produced by
CAPCOM, which is a game about attorney. In fact I'd played through the
first 3 episodes of this game, but I really like it, so I replayed
them several weeks ago. Besides, I found that the 4th episode had been
released, and the first two chapter had been translated into Chinese
by the NZAce Team (Thanks to them!), and I can't help to download it
and play.

About the game, it is the only game of its kind I've played, you acted
as an attorney in the game, what you need to do is to save the
defendants -- your clients, to prove they are not guilty. You must
scrutinize the crime scene, to collect as much evidence as possible,
and during the trial, you must listen carefully to the testimonies of
the witnesses, and found out the contradiction in it (some witnesses
are the real criminals, and some are misled by the prosecutors).
Actually not all the defendants in this games are not guilty, in some
chapters, the attorney have to prosecute his own client.

There are more and more new game elements are new episodes realesing,
for example, in the 2nd episode, you'll have a jade, using which you
may look inside others' mind, to know whether they have something they
can't say. and in the lastest episode, you can examine and match the
finger print and foot print, also, you may scrutinize the evidences,
there're even 3d objects!

Well, I had a lot of fun playing them, I really admire the authors.

Not only this, the background music are also impressive, now I have a
complete (or almost) collection of the background music of the game,
and I'm keeping listening to them these days.

By the way, this game was first introduced to me by girl who has the
same name with me, and I'm really grateful to her.

That's all about the game, and now I have to continue my homework, oops.


Mr Bean's Holiday

I watched this movie days ago, and I like it.

It's Mr Bean again! Long time no see. Well, the movie didn't make me
laugh all the time, and it was a movie indeed.

Mr Bean is kind-hearted, funny and sometimes stupid. Sometimes he's
very lucky and sometimes maybe he is the most unlucky people. But
always, his story is funny! And the humour is in English style, I
think, something different from our Asians, nor Amercia, as I have
watched some American sitcoms.

I don't want to talk about the story, watch it if you're interested in
it. I recommend it strongly, I've watched it for more than 3 times,
and what's more, I'm writing this article, watching the movie.

Oh, Mr Bean!

Terrible May Day

Recent May Day's and National Day's have been terrible to me. It is
not sure that I don't like vacation, but always I kept busy with my
homework or something else during the whole 7 days, even busier than
as usual.

Finally I've finished by project about handwriting digit recognition.
At last the accuracy rate was a little more than 83%, not very
good, but I was happy about that still -- it is al done by myself!

This is the first time I separate the GUI and the core completely, I
programmed in Flash and C++ respectively, and using network
communication to exchange information between them. It was cool!

And this is also the first time I use the component in Flash, I used
many in my GUI, and it is much easier and faster than making a GUI
with Visual C++, and it is easier to program and has a better looking
than Visual Basic. Its only defect, however, is the lack of ability of
calculating, it is too slow to do some complicated math using Flash,
to solve which, I push most of the calculation in the core part.

That's not the end, however, there are still mountains of homework
waiting for me. Oh. Wish I would be able to finish them in time.