Gyakuten Saiban 4

Hu...I've spent really a long time before I walked through this game.
Maybe I can't be cool to review the courses for the final before I
finish this game, so I managed to do this.

Well, such a long, complicated but great story! Basically there're
only four cases, but there're so many people involved, and the four
cases are not separated, but each one has something to do with

The main line is the case 7 years ago that affect our main character
in the first 3 generation of this game. And this is not revealed until
the 'last minute', I have to admire the authors, the relationship
between the people, and the items in it, are far away from my
imagination. One little item could reverse the whole thing!

Usually, at the beginning, the player may be mislead, (well, the
author is bad :D), or rather, the cases are not actually happened as
they looked like. There's also a deep matter inside each matter. So
at last, the players would be surely to be astonished about the real
thing. At least, I was.

I'm always excited when playing this game, however, the emulator is
not rather good, and the speed is too slow all the time, so I think I
have not enjoyed this game totally, especially the music! I'll find
them on the Internet, and listen to them some other day.

However, I did finish it now, and what's most important to me is to be
well prepared for the final exam. Hmm...


Phoenix Wright -- Ace Attorney

This is the English name of the game 'Gyakuten Saiban' I mentioned before, and I've stayed up late for two night, in playing the episode 5 'Rise from the Ashes'.

It was really a good story, as it has always been, and it was really long. I spent such a long time in playing it even with a walkthrough at hand. And it spoils the game to some extend, but I just want to save some time. Indeed, what I enjoy the most is the story.

As always, it seems like you'll have no chance to win at the beginning, however, the main character Phoenix Wright is always able to let it prolonged, and get more information during the extra time. And in the trail Miles Edgeworth always fight with him perfectly (Well, I think this could happen only in the game.).

In this episode, there's a new lovely girl called Ema Skye, who is the sister of the defendant. She always wants to do things scientifically, and she believes in her sister Lana Skye all the time.

I like the localization of this game, that the scripts and the names are all turned into English, not only translated I mean, but seems like rewritten in English, by native English speakers. This reminds me of the Chinese version of Everybody loves Raymond.

Always I'm wondering how could this be done? I mean the total thing, music, artwork, story, program, and many many other things. Each piece works such well. I think the team who made the game must have cooperate very well. I really admire them.


The 3rd, Done!

As I've mentioned about, this is the girl who would like to allow me to draw one of her photos, and it has been done recently.

Totally, it had cost me at least 15 hours! That is not a small number for me, since I had spent at most 5 hours in drawing one single picture before this one.

Anyway, I did gain much experience this time, for example, one should show the whole face first, excluding eyes, nose or mouth; and then after the skin (I mean shape, color, and shadow) has been mainly determined, one should start to draw the feature. Besides, there is still much, that I can't tell in words, but really useful I think.

Here're some facts about this drawing:

The part I like most: the hat
The part I don't like most: her teeth
The part in which I spent the most time: her nose
The matter pleased me most: someone had thought this picture was just processed by software like PhotoShop

I'm really glad that the girl in this picture is content with my drawing. So I hadn't wasted my time. I do appreciate her, as well as her 'braveness'.

And I will keep practicing, certainly.


Ideas about drawing

You see, I've drawn a cartoon girl and a swallow, but I'm not content
with this, I want to be able to draw a real person.

Really thanks to a girl I know, who agreed to give me a photo of her
to draw, even knowing that I've never drawn a real person before.

I found it really difficult to draw a person, not like a cartoon
character or animals of things. The reasons, I thinks, is that we're
peopel ourselves, and we pay more attention on each others' faces. I
found that a little more of less shadow would make the face looks very

I've rarely use color before I could draw with computer, because it is
troublesome and not easy to handle, I always make it darker and
darker. But now it's ok, and I'm trying to deal with this.

When I was young (well, I'm still young now, I mean 'younger than
now'), I was always astonished by those perfect canvases, people drawn
on it are such true to nature, sometimes even more beautiful than real
person. I have been dreaming of being able to do a n artwork like

Now, I can't do so amazing as that. but I'm practising, and I can
feel my improvement.

Well, I have to say, by the way, I've drawn too much these days,
affecting my study somewhat, and I'll have to stop it for a while...


A Swallow Drawn By Me

After buying a digital drawing table (which is called wacom 2000 graphire tablet), my desire to drawing keeps increasing.

So here comes the second one, and still, not perfect, but enough for me.

I like it!