I've spent several weeks in playing this game. And I've walked through
the Commandos I & II.

This is of an absolutely new type to me, and the exactly one I like
most. The second one is much better than the first (although the first
is also really good). Specially I like the BGM of Commandos II very
much, I was really moving when hearing the opening BGM.

I"m really interesting about the real commandos, after some searching
on the web, I found some clues, there were really comandos, who were
hard-trained and brave soldiers. They always fight with enemies at the
front. I really respect them, they devote themselves to their

Since my computer is rather old, with low-performance hardware, I
don't suppose it could run Commandos III (But the hardware test of
Commandos II said that my computer is of high-performance :) ). So I
could just wait for my new computers.

I really like this game.


Moon Crystal

This is a FC (that is NES) game, which I've played maybe more than 10 years ago.

It was bought by my father in Japan, and was one of the few games I've
played in my childhood, and I could remember some of its content, and
the fact that it was too hard for me to go through even only the first

It's annoying that you want to find something, but not knowing the
name of it. In that case you cannot just simply search for it using
Google. These days I've been really interested in playing old FC
games, and at one moment this game came into my mind. I was just
remember how happy I was when I was a little child playing this game
-- although even couldn't pass stage 1.

And I determined to find it, first I found a rather long list of FC
roms, with links to screenshots of each game. After that, I examined
all those labeled of type ACT, and check their links. I managed to
find that game at page 15 or around. At the first glance of the
screenshot, a feeling hits me: 'seems like it is!', and after a
clearer look, 'Yes! That's it!'. And then I was so excited, downloaded
it and loaded it with an emulator.

The familiar music arose, and then familiar scenes. Oh! That's it!
There were Japanese characters that I couldn't say when I was young
(and neither now), but they were just familiar to me! And in the
stages, I saw the familiar actions of the main character, the bonus
items of heart shape, the bad guys and many other things.

However I found it difficult even now, but that's not a problem now, I
could do some cheating on it, since I've got some 'high technology' --
the emulator! Besides, I found an English version of the game so I can
examine the depiction and the dialogue.

It took me some time before I went through it, it may be not a very
good game for others, but to me, it is special. There is so much sweet
memory on it. I like it!


A fatal bug found on the car!

Oh my god!

I've just found a fatal bug on the car, my 4th drawing. Then that more-than-30-hour thing will not be perfect in my mind any more. However it is still important to me.

Well, be careful about the two wheels on the picture, the back one is good, I mean the shape is clear, but about the front one, the upper part, see? Not clear shape there, but a black mass! Oh, I had just been careless!

However, I cant modify it now, since I've signed my name and have posted it on my blog and some BBS. I have to leave it as an imperfect artwork of mine, which reminds me to be careful in the future.


My 4th drawing: A Peugeot Car

Here comes the 4th one! A Peugeot car.

Well this one cost me at least 30 hours, maybe still underestimated. I find that it takes me longer and longer time to draw one picture. And besides, the source file (I mean the file generated by Artstudio recording the sequence I've drawn this picture) is more than twice as big as the last one (the one of the TA). Oops, I hope it will increases slower, otherwise I won't be able to stand. However, on the other hand, I really have drawn more and more complicated pictures.

My next target is to 'really' draw one, since till now I've just trace the original photo in order to get the shapes, and then do the coloring. And this is not enough for me, I want to try some real draw, that is, to draw a photo at side, not under the ‘canvas'.

But this is not easy, at least right now, I'll practice more until I have more confidence.

At least, I'm content with this one. Hmm..


Live Free or Die Hard

I've watched the first 3 movies of this series, and this is the 4th
one. However, I'm not losing interest to it.

As the hero like before, Bruce Willis still good in the movie!
There're many unbelievable scene in it, where I can tell if it is real
or just made by computer.

Of course there're many serious scene in it, and this time John (that
is the hero played by Bruce) is not alone, there's a hacker with him.
Meanwhile their opposites are also stronger than before, they use high
technology to control the whole USA. And at last, you bet, they had
been broken up by the two man.

This serious is special to me, since the hero is not only brave and
skilled, but also very smart and calm. each time he (or this time with
a partner) could break up a group or deliberated criminals. That seems
impossible, in my mind. He could always find the weakness of the bad
buys as soon as possible, from there, to break up them and deal with
them one by one. It is really amazing!

I like this movie.


The Contractor

I've just watched this movie. Just like it!

Uh...Basically, it's a story about a framed killer, James, casted by
Wesley Snipes. He took order from his upstairs, to kill a terrorist,
but his driver was killed by the police when they tried to escape.
However, the upstairs wouldn't protect him, but instead, to protect
himself, he tried to kill James, in order to let him 'shut up'. What's
more complicated, the killing was happened in England, and the police
station there was also involved. The story is about their fightings.

Well, that's not a quite special story, and leading role was always
being able to escape each time the police or the upstairs wanted to
catch him. They were portrayed somewhat stupid, as it is always in
this kind of movie :) But the action and shooting scenes are quite
good, with the background music, you can absolutely feel the

On the other hand, there was a girl who helped James all the time, who
was casted by Eliza Bennett, not famous I think, but I really like
her. The girl was an orphan living with her grand mother only. She had
developed a some depressed temper and always told lies (However, she
becomes happier and more honest at last, I like this). James happened
to hide in the house of Whitney, which was the alias of the dead
driver, this man was a friend of the girl, and maybe the only one. So
the girl wanted to help James, since told that he was a friend of

The girl was really smart and brave, she did a lot to help James. I
love Eliza's acting, which was very natural and real. But her name was
not even in the main characters' list after the movie, but only in the
casting list, I think it should be there.

Good movie, anyway.


Beneath the steel sky

I've finished this game yesterday.

It was kind of adventure game, where you make the main character go
around the places, get items and to use them in the proper place. And
it was really hard, after a few hours,I gave up and searched for a
walkthrough, and it was really long and complicated. I followed it and
managed to got the end.

This game was produced in 1997, and first under DOS I think, and I
played in a emulator under Linux. There were many dialogs in the game,
with text and sound, and the prologue is very long. The story was just
a simple, old (but maybe fashionable at its time) science fiction, and
only one ending. However, there are many dangerous areas, without
carefulness, you may die and have to play from the beginning; besides,
there are areas where you cannot pass through with walkthrough only,
you should do tricky and swiftly.

Basically this is a good game.