Days in Country

I've just came back from the country with my Mon, I had three wonderful days there.

It was in HeJian, HeBei Province. Last year, I went to a country in the South of China, which is quite different from this country, a north one. Almost no need to say that, the air, the sky, the whole environment was so nice. I enjoyed a lot. Besides I saw the framland there, not a big one, but just one in front of the house we lived. There were many plants there, not all of which I have ever seen.

There was a 3-year-old girl there, who is my niece according to the family tree (her grandgrandmother is my grandmother's sister). She was very lovely, not speaking Mandarin, but there were always funny words came from her mouth, makes me smiling all the time. She did know a lot about the plants in the framland -- far more than my knowledge. I do respect her at this point.

The only two inconvenient things were no-Internet and no-roads. Except for these, it was really a wonderful life there. And I believe that these could be solved in few years, as the country developing.

I really appreciate those time I spent there, and I hope to be there once more.