Fist of Fury

This is the English name for the TV drama 'Jing Wu Men' I mentioned. I've be watching it for days, to review the excitement that I have when I was a little boy.

The story really touch me, I hate the Cai Xuefu to death, I hate the face when I was a little boy, but now, of course, I know the difference between the actor and the role he plays :)

Actually, to tell the truth, I' always don't like be affected by a fake story, however I just can't help myself.

There're many principles of how to be a human in it, but maybe some are to idealist, however I still like them, I shall follow them in the future, because I believe in it.

I like this TV drama, that's where I first know Donnie Yen, I've seen now many movies or drama of him, and this one is one of my favourite Kung Fu drama.



I downloaded a BeatJP.mp3 today, I really like it!

It was the closing theme for a TV drama program more than 10 years ago, called Jing Wu Men. It was produced in HongKong and I watched it when I was very young. It told a story of Chen Zhen, a hero of China, and my father and I were really excited seeing he fighting some bad Japanese.

Now I'm interested in the author, Liang Bangyan, I'll found some music composed by him, and have a listen.


I've been busy recently, nothing to do except study, society activities and some research.

Not bad, huh? But I'm not quite happy on this.

First is there're many things I love but I've no time to do now, for example, DRAWING! I promised to some of my friends to draw a picture for him/her, but... well, I'm trying to find some time.

Another, I'm still hesitating about what to do after graduating, one way is to go abroad, another is to stay here, maybe until graduate student. I have to do more investigation. But one big things facing with me is whether to participate the GRE test. Oh, so many things to consider, it's too hard to be a student.

Well, give me a break, I won't yet die even without those things. Maybe they'll be solve later, automatically.


Got a photo from Eliza

4 months ago I sent a letter to Eliza Bennett, and I've just got a reply from her.

No letters but a photo of her with 'To WangLu, Best Wishes, Eliza' signed on it. I'm still very happy on it, a really lovely photo.

Actually I haven't any hope since 1 month after I had sent the letter, but my roommate just bring the letter to me today. Woo!

I'm thinking if I'll write to her again, hoho. She's a nice girl.