Penumbra Requiem

This is the 3rd episode of the Penumbra series, or may be just an expansion pack of Black Plague, anyway, I tried this game, went through it in less than 5 hours.

Well, this time I didn't use any trainer or cheater, or even walkthroughs. Indeed, most of time I didn't use those things at first, but only when things become hard, when I feel I cannot finish easily, or even possibly.

This game, however, does not contain any ugly and sick monster, but only physical puzzles. I like that! That is exactly what make me thinking, I just want to do it by myself, the puzzles are so interesting. At the very end, there are two rather hard ones, but besides those, most puzzles are not quite hard.

There're still some frightening atmosphere in the game, but only under the condition that you've played the first 2 episodes (or at least the 2nd) . Some pieces of the story in the first 2 episodes are referred in this game. And there're similar scenes too.

I feel I just finished this game so quickly, it's still a good one.


魔女宅急便 fast review

I just did a fast review, really fast huh?

Well I always got different feelings when watching a movie for many times, maybe because I've already know the whole story, know who would say what at some time beforehand. Therefore I'm able to focus on other things. Usually I should be able to pay attention to more detailed things when watching some movie twice or more.

This movie, is not that moving this time, because I've knew the story beforehand, but also because I did fast-forward all the time. However, I turned of subtitles this time, and I found that I could understand most Japanese dialogue this time :) Besides, I learned several key technique of expression in animation, that is really cool.

I always believe that comic & anime is an art of omitting, since I've heard of this sentence. Indeed, you can't draw everything, but only the key things. So the most important thing is to decide what to draw and what not, that is, to omit something. I did learned a lot from this movie.

Well, another thing is, I decided to review 崖の上のポニョ later, let's see what I could tell then.

崖の上のポニョ & 魔女宅急便

Haven't been feeling quite good these days, basically because of tons of work. I decided to watch some movies these days.

I watched 崖の上のポニョ and 魔女宅急便, both produced by 'Studio Ghibli'. And I'm gonna say something about these two anime movies.

The first movie, I didn't feel like it just after watching it. Then I found that it is because I had only consider it a remade Japanese version of the traditional mermaid story, as it is said, or I've heard. I just thought that the movie didn't tell much things, just a plan story. Besides, I don't think Ponyo is quite lovely, but even somewhat like a monster @_@

However, I've learned after reading some more introduction material, that the main theme is to tell about the relationship between human beings and nature, as well as between human beings. Indeed, in the movie Ponyo (the mermaid) was trying her best to avoid the fishing boat as well as the rubbish in the sea; besides, I really appreciate the relationship between Sousuke (the little boy) and Lisa (his mother), Lisa and her husband, as well as Lisa and the grannies, which is really moving. Also I've learned that Mr. 宫崎骏 wanted to do something in this "神経症と不安の時代", so 'plan story' may be exactly what this movies wanted to show up, because in this abnormal society, 'plan story' is just not plan.

The good thing is Ponyo did really become a girl, but not turned into bubbles :D

Well, it's funny that I found it is said "子供向けの映画に" on a web page introducing this movie, but still I do like this movie right now (except thinking Ponyo is a monster) or maybe I am still too young in my heart? Or maybe not because I am thinking Ponyo is a monster? Whatever.

About the second movie, actually I've just finished watching it 1 hour ago. I've heard of it long time ago, but not till now have I really watch it. It tells about a girl's growing up. The story is good, but not new, however I like this kind. I don't want to say about the story, or I don't know how to say it, which really touched my heart, directly.

I really like Studio Ghibli's movies, at least those I've seen. Besides these two, I've also watched the famous Totoro and the 耳をすませば。 There are two things I like the best, the first is the story, always moving, but natural; normal, quite but beautiful. Another is the artwork. The scenes are always magnificant, but not rough, every some places are carefully drawed, by hand. The animation is also quite good, the movement are smooth and natural. Oh I don't know how it could get better.

The movies always make me feel relaxed, I hope I could watch more.


Latest Painting: A girl in my department but one year below me

Um, here's my latest painting, the girl in which is a student in my department, who is one year younger than me.

I finished this one really fast, it took me only about 7 hours. In fact I did have much time for it, so I just tried as fast as possible. Besides, there are still many strokes, which are supposed to be blurred, anyway, this is another effect :P

Besides speed, another thing I paid much attention to was the contrast, especially on the face. In my previous painting, I mean one high-school classmate, there was no highlight nor dark part. in which way the face is not that vivid. (Well, I have to say, I'm not good at sketch). I used to be afraid to use dark colors, because sometimes it'll make the face looks dirty. In this painting, however, I tried my best to use much contrasting colors, in order to make her feature clear. I think I did it in some sense.

Well, actually there is another important thing. Before I seemed to smear to much. I learned that technology when I learned Art Studio. But this time, I found that is not everything, most of time I was just abusing it. There are other ways, easier and better. So next time I'll pay more attention to that thing.

Anyway, I'm content with this one, fast and good. But I will do better than this.


Days in Country

I've just came back to Tianjin from my aunt's, where I've spent 3 days there.

My aunt lives in the country, a village in Hebei Province. It's my 2nd time been there, I've been there last year.

Last time I found that one of my friends in my university just lives very near, and this time I called him. It turned out that he lives just 3 villages far away. He came to my aunt's and picked me up to his house, where I spend one day then. He took me around, showed me many interesting things that I've never seen before, something like a complete, huge net with a huge spider on the center, and a clear shape because of dew in the morning. Or many kinds of plants, only a few of which can I tell their names. I had really a great time, and I really thank him.

Actually there are still some other interesting things: one is I saw a snake, I mean a real snake that I can touch, beside the road, knowing it is not poisoning, I came closer, examined and touched it, which I've never done before; another is there are many insects there, like bugs (my mother got really sick of this), locusts and wasps, I like insects, so I had my chance to examine them very close, just imagine those things flying and buzzing around your head! Well yet some fun in making fun with a dog, or chasing a rabbit(I tried twice and I failed twice, I found I can't do it, but it was really fun!)

The greatest thing there is there's no light outside, so in the evening it's totally dark outside, and also inside the house if you turn off the lights. What's more, it's completely silent, which is a perfect environment to relax & sleep, I felt so good in the evening!

Basically that was really a good place, air is fresh, houses are big. But sometimes it is not quite convenient there, like you have to go far to buy many things, or electricity and water supply are not continuous, and one big thing is it's hard to get on the Internet.

Anyway, I like that place, I hope I would spend more days there, and I hope I'll be able to go there once more.


2rd Day in Xi'an

Now I've been in Xi'an for 2 days (or actually 3 days, since it's later than 0:00 now). I'm taking part in a competition here, and I've give my presentation in the day after tomorrow, so I have nothing to do except having fun.

Xi'an is an ancient city, and probably one of the most ancient cites in China. There're many famous place here, as well as the food here.

Today I went to the Street of Hui Minority (I'm not sure about this name), along which there are many restaurants, with featured foods. I tried some, which are good!

During the whole afternoon I was wondering on the Drum Tower and the Bell Tower. I saw many drums and bells there, and there were shows there, especially some music played with Chinese traditional percussion instruments. I really like the places, everything there shows the ancient Chinese culture and the intelligence of Chinese people.

When I almost finished visiting, I saw a 3-year-and-a-half girl, who was really lovely. I asked her mother for taking a picture of her. With her mother's agreement, I tried to attract the little girl and take a picture, however, it seemed like she was too scared of me, and always afraid of see my camera, so at last I had only taken one in which she was sacred looking at me :(

Then I saw a 'model' through a window of a photo studio, she looks so real that I can't help to stay and look once more. However, I saw she winks, oh, she was a real lady, really beautiful, wear a wedding dress, and with flowers on her head. Later I took a picture of her, she appeared to be happy of this.

When I came back to where I'm living, I took a taxi. I tried to speak in Shaanxi dialect to the driver, he appeared to understand me. However, when I was just happy about this, he asked "Are you from Shandong?" Oh! I was actually speaking in Shandong dialect... That was funny and somewhat shamed. Anyway it's a good experience, and I know that I still need to practise more.

I do like this city, and I've planned to have a look at more places here.


Newly Artwork: A Dreaming Baby

It is a dreaming baby, sleeping on a bank of clouds. (Well, I believe you can figure it out yourself) Why dreaming? See that smile? :)

I don't know why I wanted to draw this, but I just drew this. It doesn't took me very long, I just decided to test the new software (see below).

To make the baby's position 'correct' (looks natural) and 'lovely' (looks like a baby), I spent hours in did the sketch, and modifed 5 more times. It is really hard to me to draw a position like this, just by imagination, so I searched and found a picture of a sleeping woman whose position is just like this, after that I copied the outline from the picture and then make it more like a baby.

This is really creation, and I did have a lot of fun in it.

The picture was made with GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program), a open-source cross-platform software. This is my first time to draw using this software.

Actually I decide to try this software just after I've managed to get my tablet working on Linux. I compared GIMP with Krita, probably the two most popular image manipulation tools on Linux, and I decide to use the former one because it seems to be more suitable to me.

Indeed, I found it not worse than Painter, and what's more, I found myself be able to remember its hot keys faster than Painter, one reason is GIMP is very flexible and customizable, some hot keys are actually set up by me :P

So I'm really happy about this one, not only the final picture, but as well as the process, including both the creation part and the tool part. I hope I'll do more like this, or better than this.


Another painting: A high school classmate

For this painting, I've prepared for 2 days and made a basic sketch. In this noon, however, I removed everything and restart again, and it took me about 10 hours to finish it. That is rather fast to me.

The background was many many leaves, which I would be able to draw every thing clearly, so I made a trick here, I used auto-painting in Painter. The result is rather good.

About the people, especially her face, I was inspired a lot from a book of Zhang Yahan, who is a great painter from Taiwan, and is good at illustrations for novels. The rest part, say the clothes, I simplified a lot without affecting the entire looking.

In a sentence, I'm rather satisfied with this work, for both the quality of it and the speed I made it.


The last day in USC

Time flies. Last time I was still talking about the 3rd day in USC, and now a month has passed.

I've finished my work, of course, it is fun and I've learned a lot. I've visited several interesting places, not much, and seen several places.

Nothing much to say, but I really miss the food in my howntown, and I'll be able to have some later.

Another thing pity is that I cannot watch the opening ceremony of this Olympics Game, but I believe I could find the video later.

Bye USC. Bye USA. (What about USB?)


Decided to share photos

I have not such feeling to share my photos before, but not now. A major reason is I've just bought a digital camera, although a cheap one, I've got the feeling of taking photos myself.

It's great! It's so exciting to capture a beautiful flower, or some instant scene, like swimming fish. It's not easy to adjust the parameters, but I do have some experience, from my friends.

To publish my photos, after read several article about Flickr and Picasa, I've decide to used both of them.

Sometimes I do feel my camera is not good enough to do some professional job, I'll buy a better one when I am more skilled.

Anyway, welcome to my album, however, you need to guess the address yourself, it's too easy.


Prince of Persia 1: Sands of Time

Actually I've already played a no-movie version of this game, I found that I cannot konw the entire story without the movies.

So I just started it again with a full version the day before yesterday, and I completed yesterday. This time I completed it rather fast (only 2 day), the major reason is I've played it already, I've knew the routes and I'm skilled in control the prince; another reason is it is much easier than POP3, which I cannot complete without a trainer.

The story of this game is rather good, the description of the characters is detailed and vivid. With it, I also get to know deeper the story of POP3, since actually at the end of POP3, the prince just start telling the story of POP1 to Farah.

I don't want to comment more about this game, it's just good. Currently there is only POP2 left, I'll try it play that one. Besides, I'm also looking forward to POP4 this year.

To conclude, I just put here the words of the Princes, at the beginning and end of POP1, as well at the end of POP3:

Most people think time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm. You may wonder who I am, or why I say this. Sit down, and I will tell you a tale like none that you have ever heard.


First Weekends at LA

Without lots of work, we went out and saw many places in LA.

On Saturday, all of us went to Hollywood at first, of course, we went to the Walk of Fame. We saw the big letters on the mountain there, as well as some cosplaying people around there, who kept asking people to take picture with them, and of course, give tips to them. However, it's pity that we only saw names there, without even one hand print.

We had a Chinese food at noon, which is rather tasteful.

Later we went to UCLA, a university, seems to be a good one, but I haven't heard about it before. Many of us bought a T-shirt of UCLA, whereas I didn't. It's rather beautiful inside UCLA. UCLA is much bigger than USC, so buildings there are not as crowed as those of USC. It was just like a large garden. There were also severl old-fashioned buildings there. We took a lot of pictures there. We also took a picture together. (however, I found later that the owner of the dc set a rather low qualify, such that we cannot see our faces in the pictures clearly :( )

At Sunday, only 6 of us went out together (others may go elsewhere). We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific at first. Actually all aquariums are similar, because most of time we can see many creatures in the world. But I didn't go to aquariums oftern, therefore each time I go, I found many thing interesting.

It's really hard to take pictures in the water, one reason is the water reflects light, make everything dizzy, another is fishes are always swimming rather fast. There is one fish, for which I took 13 picture of it before I got a clear one (that clear one is rather good). However, one can capture video of them, which is much more easier.

After saw lots of sea animals and plants, we boarded a ship, which took us 45 minutes in a bay there. It's wonderful to be shined, feel the wind, and see the sightseeing on the sea.

At the end of our trip, we went to a bookstore, I bought two bargain books there (which were also very expensive for me, however I love them), they were two encyclopedia books, one is about birds, another is about flowers.

During the two days, I took a lot of pictures, most are flowers. I've just bought a digital camera, so I just kept taking pictures. I like flowers very much, since I lived in North China, where there're not many flowers (however, flowers in my place are also beautiful). Here, in the South USA, there are different flowers everywhere, I hope I could see as many as possible.

Anyway, it's Monday again today, I have to come back work now. I hope I'll see more at this weekends.


3rd Day in USC

I've came to USC, LA, CA for a summer internship here. This is the 3rd day here.

Of course, this is my first time to USA, we left Beijing 3 days ago, after more than 10 hours of flight, we arrived at Log Angeles finally. Actually, we left Beijing at 12:00 and arrived at San Francisco at 8:00 in the same day, which is very interesting.

I'm feeling rather good here, the environment is rather good. However, I have not felt anything quite different except almost no Chinese characters here.

We're 12 students in all, from 4 different departments of my university. We live in a department (maybe for International students only) in USC, which is a really good department.

Everything is more expensive than in China, of course. Food here is, I have to say, not as good as in China. But I have not tried Chinese food here, it should be interesting if I have some Chinese food here.

I've met my supervisor and some other phd students. There are many from my university, so it make me feel that I'm still in Tsinghua University more. I've known what I should do during my stay in USA, not too easy but I really like it. I would do my best, definitely.

I decide to go out for fun for some days. I'd like to have look at some interesting places around here. Maybe I'll go to Las Vegas to meet a friend of mine.

I'm really looking forward to the following days here, which must be exciting and interesting.


Prince Of Persia 3: The Two Thrones

After spent 2 days in completing this game, I feel like to jump out the building!

It's the best ACT game I've ever played, that is really my kind. Good moves, good story, good stages. Especially, you don't need to control the speed or strength when jump, you don't need to remember a lot of weird combinations like KOF (there are combinations, but I just pressed B4 and B3 randomly, it worked well!)

But may mislead to young children, I'm afraid that they may imitate the moves (even I want to now!), it'll be dangerous. This is just because the moves in the game is too realistic, and I feel I can fly!

I like this series since the DOS version, and I shall play POP 1 and 2 when have time.


Kung Fu Panda

An absolutely awesome movie!

Everything Chinese, the characters, the backgrounds, the kung fu moves, everything, except for the English... but even turtle is pronounced 'WuGuei' (2008.08.19 PS: I wrote UGuei before, and someone has referred it as pinyin, however that was a mistake, sorry. Besides, in scripts of the movie, it is spelled as 'Oogway' :P ).

The story is OK, there can't be much exciting ones for me, I think, maybe not until some another movie, but it really made me exciting when the panda practicing and fighting with the leopard.

There are many animals in there (actually all are animals), the Five, which is the five most famous schools of Chinese boxing (I wonder if to say it in English in this way). The leopard (the bad guy Tai Lang), strong but greedy; the turtle (the ultimate master), old, intelligent and skilled; the coon (another master), skilled and agile. They're quite well designed. The panda, maybe just for humor, but indeed it's a sign of China.

One thing I noticed is when the turtle was talking to the coon, he mentioned about the water 'you cannot see it clearly until it is calm' (oh, forgive me for my poor listening, I just can't remember the original words). Indeed, we Chinese, urr, maybe ancient Chinese instead, but I really appreciate them, always learn from the nature, just for example the Five metioned above, many schools of boxing were realized by ancient people when they were looking at animals, they imitated them and try to tell the advantage of the animals, like speed, acuracy, strength, or something else, they also learn from the environment, like the Ying and Yang thing. This is definitely different from the western counterpart (oh is there a counterpart, or just philosophy), and I really like our type.

It is just an amazing animation movie, but I hope it were made in China, or there will be one. Yes, there will be.


Penumbra: Overture & Black Plague

I've just finished these two games: Penumbra: Overture and Penumbra: Black Plague. Now I'm feeling that I must say something about them.

They're the two parts of a first person horror adventure game. Horror, I really mean it. It's not only ugly alien creatures, dark rooms or blood. The horrorest (and most interesting) things are the story, the puzzles you need to solve in order to make progress, the environment you're in, and the helpless you feel.

In the game, you'll often find some notes about what happened or what you need to do; there're many many puzzles you need to solve, in order to open one door, stop leaking gas, kill an alien creature or something like that, most puzzle are based on physics; besides, you have hardly any weapons (you can still kill a dog or a spider in Overture, but you won't do this by hand in Black Plague) when you see an enemy. Imagine when you're facing a door behind which there must be an alien creature which you cannot beat at all! Or when you see an alien creature is searching and walking towards you, but you have no place to hide! Oh~~

The physics system in this game is really good, which I've never seen in other games. It's real and interesing, when you push, pull, hold, lift, crack, whaterever do somehing on an object, you have to imitate that action with your mouse pointer, instead of just point and click. Besides, this make the environment more real and increase the horror.

The latter (Black Plague) is somewhat better than the first one, for it ran more smoothly on my computer. I think the programmer must have done a lot with this. Mostly I don't care about graphics effects -- enough is enough -- but in Overture, I can't pass the game twice just because the graphics effects (I can't see some important thing just because I turned some option off which would lead the game stuck if turned on). In Black Plague, this hasn't happened again, I use the default options, and it works pretty well.

The two games tell a long (not too long) story, ur, Philip enter a lab according to some clue left by his father, and at last he know many things about a kind of alien creature (or virus?) Something liek that, but not only like that. It also brings many thinkings about mankinds.

It's pity that I used trainers and search for walkthroughs for the two games (I always do this and regret for this later), such that although it make the game a little (sometimes much) easier than normal, it spoiled the game a lot. I didn't enjoy the game a lot, and I didn't understand the whole story very clearly. However, I have to say, that saved me a lot of time (otherwise I'll spell much more time in solving puzzles and fighting against or hide from alien creatures) and made me more like a 'god' (I wouldn't die at all) such that make me feel good. But I decide to replay this game some time -- without trainers and walkthroughs (ok, I knew the walkthrough already) -- to enjoy more.

To conclude this article, these are the first horror games I've ever played, and they're really good and worth playing. But WARNING: you must ensure beforehand that you are brave enought and that you can really afford this, I won't be reponsible for anything if you have something like heartattack !



Sheena Etranzi from Contra 4

Sheena Etranzi is the first female Contra character. And this picture is a bonus image of Contra 4.

This was done by my new tablet and Corel Painter X. Actually I'm just trying to get familar with the hardware and the software. And I found both rather good. There are too many tools in Painter X, after read some tutorials, I found 3 most common used: cover pencil, detailed airbrush and blender, with which did I complete this drawing.

This time I didn't just copy that image, as I promised, I do the sketch and coloring all by myself. Actually there're differences between the color scheme I used and that in the original picture, but it's ok for this picture I think. I'm really happy that I learnt a lot from drawing this one, not only some bascic tools of Painter, but some techinical skill of drawing, the most important one among those, the coloring. I learnt some from my father that how to mix the color of human skin, and I succeed in coloring highlighted part of the picture.

That's real fun, and that's real drawing! (or maybe not, maybe drawing without an "original picture" is so called real drawing, whatever) I'd like to try more and learn more.


The 5th: A Primary School Classmate of Mine

The girl in the picture was my primary school classmate, she asked me for a drawing of her, and I promised her.

Till now, this is the one that lasted longest from I started to drawing till finished it. It's not too hard or too complicated to draw it, but I drawed it at many times, a little progess each time.

The part that satisfies me most is the clothes she's wearing. Honestly speaking, this picture is not quite satisfying, one reason is the picture she gave me was not large and clear enough for me to recognize the details, such like the shadow on her face. However, this is an important drawing to me, since I might choose another software for drawing, and I changed a lot my mind about the purpose of drawing, all because of this picture.

I often do counterdraws, and the main purpose was to draw as likely as possible, the best situation is my drawing would look like a copy of the orginal picture.

However, I found it not that interesting anymore, since the original pictures that I imitate become more and more complicated, that I need more and more time and spirit to analyze each part and copy it as well as possible, so more and more boring. That's why I decided to do some creation.

Take this picture as example, I ommitted a lot of things in the background, as well as something printed on the T-shirt. In many parts, I didn't just copy the orginal one, as before, but rather to add more lines and color to make the picture look more natural.

I do enjoyed this way of drawing, and I shall do it that way in the future.

On the other hand, I may choose the software called Painter for drawing in the future, because it provides much more different tools and effects, without lost of fun of drawing. However, it's a little more difficult than ArtStudio I'm using, so I should learn how to use it for a while.


Days in Hong Kong

Actually this article had been done just after I had arrived, but I've just posted it now, after many days.

I've been in Hong Kong for the last 6 days, and now I'm writing in Shenzhen airport, waiting for my 7pm airplane back to Beijing.

I was there to participate a Winter School hold by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, The attending students consist of those from mainland China (including Beijing, Zhejiang amd Shanghai), Hongkong, Taiwan and even India, about 60 in all.

We had 20 lectures from the second day through the last second day (the first day is to register, and the last is for a sightseeing tour), (5 per day, 2 each morning and 3 each afternoon). The lectures were given by some famous professors in CUHK, mainly covering network,communication, algorithm complexcity, linear algebra, game theory etc,. most of them are interesting but easy to understand, but also including some hard ones or easy ones. But in general, I did learn a lot from them.

This is my first time to Hong Kong, and it impressed me a lot. Most people spoke Cantonese, which I don't understand much. However, since one of my roommate is from Guangdong province, I learn some from him, and be able to understand numbers in Cantonese at least.

Almost everything in Hong Kong is good, the sky is blue, the air is fresh, the plants are green, the food are tasteful, except for the prices there are really high, about 4 times as high as those in Beijing. Each meal cost me about 20 HK dollars!

There're many interests there, but I don't have much interest on going everywhere, since everyday I got exhausted by the lectures, I do thing a lot on them, and it's not easy for me to understand them (all in English except one!). In the last day, I participated in the tour, and wen to a lot of famous places in Hong Kong, like the Peak, the Avenue of Stars. They were great and special, I just like them.

Generally speaking, I learnt a lot and enjoyed a lot there, that'll be a interesting experience in my life.


Super Mario RPG

I've been playing this game for 2 days, and I've just went through it.

I played with the Japanese version, so a little hard for me to understand all the content, but my ability still make me able to keep going. Another thing that really helped was a walkthrough I found on the Internet.

I'd never thought of there could be a RPG in the Mario series, it's really a fresh feeling with it. There were familar or new characters in it, but, it's RPG, they're walking and talking, really funny.

According to the walkthrough, there were many hidden items and stories inside the game, some are funny, some give you special items or weapons. Most of them are really hard to find, For example, one needs you to play a game with a NPC and win for 100 times, another needs you get a hidden card (when you just get the card, you don't know what can it do at all), go to a place, and jump at a specified box for 3 times (there's nothing special of the box except that when you jump at it, there'll be a special sound).

I wonder how the author could find them, and I wonder if those listed there are all of the hidden things. Now I guess that they were released by the producer first.

Actually I don't like RPG, because I hate to kill monster again and again, just for getting more points or higher level. So most of time when playing RPG, I'd managed to cheat, that to find a modifier, or trainer, to make me "the God in the game". However, I didn't do that this time, because I really had fun in the game, and I just find a little hard during the middle of the game. I cheat only when the game is boring or something like that, such that I can go through it as soon as possible.

The final boss is really hard to beat, the funny thing is I don't know it was the final one, such that I kept a lot item for the "next boss". However, after minutes of fighting, I found it was really hard to beat, after checked out the walkthrough, I found out it was actually the final one. After that, I didn't hesitate any more, and used my entire power.

Basically, the game is really good, including graphics, music, story, map, and hidden objects. Now if you're a fan of Nintendo, especially a fan of the Mario series, you can't miss it!


China Latina

I've been listening to the online radio of sky.fm recently. Yesterday, as before, listening to it, working on my programming homework. Everything seemed to be quite normal, until I suddenly found a clear and fresh rhythm playing. It made my really relax and delightful. I checked the name from the player, it was "China Latina".

The music is of a mixed Easten and Westen style, I though it was a Chinese style until I found some information on the Internet, it was composed by Hiroshima, a band consists of Japanese. Indeed, there're a lot of common between Chinese and Janpnese music.

Accompany with the Swing rhythm, the Easten music instrument (some are electronically synthesised) played a smooth sound. That's called "Yu yin rao liang" (a Chinese idom, meaning of it given by dict.cn is "the lovely voice continues to reverberate after the singer has stopped".

After several minutes, I managed to download it today. Now I'm just listening to it, without thinking a lot, feeling really comfortable. I'm enjoying it!