Super Mario RPG

I've been playing this game for 2 days, and I've just went through it.

I played with the Japanese version, so a little hard for me to understand all the content, but my ability still make me able to keep going. Another thing that really helped was a walkthrough I found on the Internet.

I'd never thought of there could be a RPG in the Mario series, it's really a fresh feeling with it. There were familar or new characters in it, but, it's RPG, they're walking and talking, really funny.

According to the walkthrough, there were many hidden items and stories inside the game, some are funny, some give you special items or weapons. Most of them are really hard to find, For example, one needs you to play a game with a NPC and win for 100 times, another needs you get a hidden card (when you just get the card, you don't know what can it do at all), go to a place, and jump at a specified box for 3 times (there's nothing special of the box except that when you jump at it, there'll be a special sound).

I wonder how the author could find them, and I wonder if those listed there are all of the hidden things. Now I guess that they were released by the producer first.

Actually I don't like RPG, because I hate to kill monster again and again, just for getting more points or higher level. So most of time when playing RPG, I'd managed to cheat, that to find a modifier, or trainer, to make me "the God in the game". However, I didn't do that this time, because I really had fun in the game, and I just find a little hard during the middle of the game. I cheat only when the game is boring or something like that, such that I can go through it as soon as possible.

The final boss is really hard to beat, the funny thing is I don't know it was the final one, such that I kept a lot item for the "next boss". However, after minutes of fighting, I found it was really hard to beat, after checked out the walkthrough, I found out it was actually the final one. After that, I didn't hesitate any more, and used my entire power.

Basically, the game is really good, including graphics, music, story, map, and hidden objects. Now if you're a fan of Nintendo, especially a fan of the Mario series, you can't miss it!


China Latina

I've been listening to the online radio of sky.fm recently. Yesterday, as before, listening to it, working on my programming homework. Everything seemed to be quite normal, until I suddenly found a clear and fresh rhythm playing. It made my really relax and delightful. I checked the name from the player, it was "China Latina".

The music is of a mixed Easten and Westen style, I though it was a Chinese style until I found some information on the Internet, it was composed by Hiroshima, a band consists of Japanese. Indeed, there're a lot of common between Chinese and Janpnese music.

Accompany with the Swing rhythm, the Easten music instrument (some are electronically synthesised) played a smooth sound. That's called "Yu yin rao liang" (a Chinese idom, meaning of it given by dict.cn is "the lovely voice continues to reverberate after the singer has stopped".

After several minutes, I managed to download it today. Now I'm just listening to it, without thinking a lot, feeling really comfortable. I'm enjoying it!