The 5th: A Primary School Classmate of Mine

The girl in the picture was my primary school classmate, she asked me for a drawing of her, and I promised her.

Till now, this is the one that lasted longest from I started to drawing till finished it. It's not too hard or too complicated to draw it, but I drawed it at many times, a little progess each time.

The part that satisfies me most is the clothes she's wearing. Honestly speaking, this picture is not quite satisfying, one reason is the picture she gave me was not large and clear enough for me to recognize the details, such like the shadow on her face. However, this is an important drawing to me, since I might choose another software for drawing, and I changed a lot my mind about the purpose of drawing, all because of this picture.

I often do counterdraws, and the main purpose was to draw as likely as possible, the best situation is my drawing would look like a copy of the orginal picture.

However, I found it not that interesting anymore, since the original pictures that I imitate become more and more complicated, that I need more and more time and spirit to analyze each part and copy it as well as possible, so more and more boring. That's why I decided to do some creation.

Take this picture as example, I ommitted a lot of things in the background, as well as something printed on the T-shirt. In many parts, I didn't just copy the orginal one, as before, but rather to add more lines and color to make the picture look more natural.

I do enjoyed this way of drawing, and I shall do it that way in the future.

On the other hand, I may choose the software called Painter for drawing in the future, because it provides much more different tools and effects, without lost of fun of drawing. However, it's a little more difficult than ArtStudio I'm using, so I should learn how to use it for a while.


Days in Hong Kong

Actually this article had been done just after I had arrived, but I've just posted it now, after many days.

I've been in Hong Kong for the last 6 days, and now I'm writing in Shenzhen airport, waiting for my 7pm airplane back to Beijing.

I was there to participate a Winter School hold by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, The attending students consist of those from mainland China (including Beijing, Zhejiang amd Shanghai), Hongkong, Taiwan and even India, about 60 in all.

We had 20 lectures from the second day through the last second day (the first day is to register, and the last is for a sightseeing tour), (5 per day, 2 each morning and 3 each afternoon). The lectures were given by some famous professors in CUHK, mainly covering network,communication, algorithm complexcity, linear algebra, game theory etc,. most of them are interesting but easy to understand, but also including some hard ones or easy ones. But in general, I did learn a lot from them.

This is my first time to Hong Kong, and it impressed me a lot. Most people spoke Cantonese, which I don't understand much. However, since one of my roommate is from Guangdong province, I learn some from him, and be able to understand numbers in Cantonese at least.

Almost everything in Hong Kong is good, the sky is blue, the air is fresh, the plants are green, the food are tasteful, except for the prices there are really high, about 4 times as high as those in Beijing. Each meal cost me about 20 HK dollars!

There're many interests there, but I don't have much interest on going everywhere, since everyday I got exhausted by the lectures, I do thing a lot on them, and it's not easy for me to understand them (all in English except one!). In the last day, I participated in the tour, and wen to a lot of famous places in Hong Kong, like the Peak, the Avenue of Stars. They were great and special, I just like them.

Generally speaking, I learnt a lot and enjoyed a lot there, that'll be a interesting experience in my life.