Prince Of Persia 3: The Two Thrones

After spent 2 days in completing this game, I feel like to jump out the building!

It's the best ACT game I've ever played, that is really my kind. Good moves, good story, good stages. Especially, you don't need to control the speed or strength when jump, you don't need to remember a lot of weird combinations like KOF (there are combinations, but I just pressed B4 and B3 randomly, it worked well!)

But may mislead to young children, I'm afraid that they may imitate the moves (even I want to now!), it'll be dangerous. This is just because the moves in the game is too realistic, and I feel I can fly!

I like this series since the DOS version, and I shall play POP 1 and 2 when have time.


Kung Fu Panda

An absolutely awesome movie!

Everything Chinese, the characters, the backgrounds, the kung fu moves, everything, except for the English... but even turtle is pronounced 'WuGuei' (2008.08.19 PS: I wrote UGuei before, and someone has referred it as pinyin, however that was a mistake, sorry. Besides, in scripts of the movie, it is spelled as 'Oogway' :P ).

The story is OK, there can't be much exciting ones for me, I think, maybe not until some another movie, but it really made me exciting when the panda practicing and fighting with the leopard.

There are many animals in there (actually all are animals), the Five, which is the five most famous schools of Chinese boxing (I wonder if to say it in English in this way). The leopard (the bad guy Tai Lang), strong but greedy; the turtle (the ultimate master), old, intelligent and skilled; the coon (another master), skilled and agile. They're quite well designed. The panda, maybe just for humor, but indeed it's a sign of China.

One thing I noticed is when the turtle was talking to the coon, he mentioned about the water 'you cannot see it clearly until it is calm' (oh, forgive me for my poor listening, I just can't remember the original words). Indeed, we Chinese, urr, maybe ancient Chinese instead, but I really appreciate them, always learn from the nature, just for example the Five metioned above, many schools of boxing were realized by ancient people when they were looking at animals, they imitated them and try to tell the advantage of the animals, like speed, acuracy, strength, or something else, they also learn from the environment, like the Ying and Yang thing. This is definitely different from the western counterpart (oh is there a counterpart, or just philosophy), and I really like our type.

It is just an amazing animation movie, but I hope it were made in China, or there will be one. Yes, there will be.