Decided to share photos

I have not such feeling to share my photos before, but not now. A major reason is I've just bought a digital camera, although a cheap one, I've got the feeling of taking photos myself.

It's great! It's so exciting to capture a beautiful flower, or some instant scene, like swimming fish. It's not easy to adjust the parameters, but I do have some experience, from my friends.

To publish my photos, after read several article about Flickr and Picasa, I've decide to used both of them.

Sometimes I do feel my camera is not good enough to do some professional job, I'll buy a better one when I am more skilled.

Anyway, welcome to my album, however, you need to guess the address yourself, it's too easy.


Prince of Persia 1: Sands of Time

Actually I've already played a no-movie version of this game, I found that I cannot konw the entire story without the movies.

So I just started it again with a full version the day before yesterday, and I completed yesterday. This time I completed it rather fast (only 2 day), the major reason is I've played it already, I've knew the routes and I'm skilled in control the prince; another reason is it is much easier than POP3, which I cannot complete without a trainer.

The story of this game is rather good, the description of the characters is detailed and vivid. With it, I also get to know deeper the story of POP3, since actually at the end of POP3, the prince just start telling the story of POP1 to Farah.

I don't want to comment more about this game, it's just good. Currently there is only POP2 left, I'll try it play that one. Besides, I'm also looking forward to POP4 this year.

To conclude, I just put here the words of the Princes, at the beginning and end of POP1, as well at the end of POP3:

Most people think time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm. You may wonder who I am, or why I say this. Sit down, and I will tell you a tale like none that you have ever heard.


First Weekends at LA

Without lots of work, we went out and saw many places in LA.

On Saturday, all of us went to Hollywood at first, of course, we went to the Walk of Fame. We saw the big letters on the mountain there, as well as some cosplaying people around there, who kept asking people to take picture with them, and of course, give tips to them. However, it's pity that we only saw names there, without even one hand print.

We had a Chinese food at noon, which is rather tasteful.

Later we went to UCLA, a university, seems to be a good one, but I haven't heard about it before. Many of us bought a T-shirt of UCLA, whereas I didn't. It's rather beautiful inside UCLA. UCLA is much bigger than USC, so buildings there are not as crowed as those of USC. It was just like a large garden. There were also severl old-fashioned buildings there. We took a lot of pictures there. We also took a picture together. (however, I found later that the owner of the dc set a rather low qualify, such that we cannot see our faces in the pictures clearly :( )

At Sunday, only 6 of us went out together (others may go elsewhere). We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific at first. Actually all aquariums are similar, because most of time we can see many creatures in the world. But I didn't go to aquariums oftern, therefore each time I go, I found many thing interesting.

It's really hard to take pictures in the water, one reason is the water reflects light, make everything dizzy, another is fishes are always swimming rather fast. There is one fish, for which I took 13 picture of it before I got a clear one (that clear one is rather good). However, one can capture video of them, which is much more easier.

After saw lots of sea animals and plants, we boarded a ship, which took us 45 minutes in a bay there. It's wonderful to be shined, feel the wind, and see the sightseeing on the sea.

At the end of our trip, we went to a bookstore, I bought two bargain books there (which were also very expensive for me, however I love them), they were two encyclopedia books, one is about birds, another is about flowers.

During the two days, I took a lot of pictures, most are flowers. I've just bought a digital camera, so I just kept taking pictures. I like flowers very much, since I lived in North China, where there're not many flowers (however, flowers in my place are also beautiful). Here, in the South USA, there are different flowers everywhere, I hope I could see as many as possible.

Anyway, it's Monday again today, I have to come back work now. I hope I'll see more at this weekends.


3rd Day in USC

I've came to USC, LA, CA for a summer internship here. This is the 3rd day here.

Of course, this is my first time to USA, we left Beijing 3 days ago, after more than 10 hours of flight, we arrived at Log Angeles finally. Actually, we left Beijing at 12:00 and arrived at San Francisco at 8:00 in the same day, which is very interesting.

I'm feeling rather good here, the environment is rather good. However, I have not felt anything quite different except almost no Chinese characters here.

We're 12 students in all, from 4 different departments of my university. We live in a department (maybe for International students only) in USC, which is a really good department.

Everything is more expensive than in China, of course. Food here is, I have to say, not as good as in China. But I have not tried Chinese food here, it should be interesting if I have some Chinese food here.

I've met my supervisor and some other phd students. There are many from my university, so it make me feel that I'm still in Tsinghua University more. I've known what I should do during my stay in USA, not too easy but I really like it. I would do my best, definitely.

I decide to go out for fun for some days. I'd like to have look at some interesting places around here. Maybe I'll go to Las Vegas to meet a friend of mine.

I'm really looking forward to the following days here, which must be exciting and interesting.