Another painting: A high school classmate

For this painting, I've prepared for 2 days and made a basic sketch. In this noon, however, I removed everything and restart again, and it took me about 10 hours to finish it. That is rather fast to me.

The background was many many leaves, which I would be able to draw every thing clearly, so I made a trick here, I used auto-painting in Painter. The result is rather good.

About the people, especially her face, I was inspired a lot from a book of Zhang Yahan, who is a great painter from Taiwan, and is good at illustrations for novels. The rest part, say the clothes, I simplified a lot without affecting the entire looking.

In a sentence, I'm rather satisfied with this work, for both the quality of it and the speed I made it.


The last day in USC

Time flies. Last time I was still talking about the 3rd day in USC, and now a month has passed.

I've finished my work, of course, it is fun and I've learned a lot. I've visited several interesting places, not much, and seen several places.

Nothing much to say, but I really miss the food in my howntown, and I'll be able to have some later.

Another thing pity is that I cannot watch the opening ceremony of this Olympics Game, but I believe I could find the video later.

Bye USC. Bye USA. (What about USB?)