2rd Day in Xi'an

Now I've been in Xi'an for 2 days (or actually 3 days, since it's later than 0:00 now). I'm taking part in a competition here, and I've give my presentation in the day after tomorrow, so I have nothing to do except having fun.

Xi'an is an ancient city, and probably one of the most ancient cites in China. There're many famous place here, as well as the food here.

Today I went to the Street of Hui Minority (I'm not sure about this name), along which there are many restaurants, with featured foods. I tried some, which are good!

During the whole afternoon I was wondering on the Drum Tower and the Bell Tower. I saw many drums and bells there, and there were shows there, especially some music played with Chinese traditional percussion instruments. I really like the places, everything there shows the ancient Chinese culture and the intelligence of Chinese people.

When I almost finished visiting, I saw a 3-year-and-a-half girl, who was really lovely. I asked her mother for taking a picture of her. With her mother's agreement, I tried to attract the little girl and take a picture, however, it seemed like she was too scared of me, and always afraid of see my camera, so at last I had only taken one in which she was sacred looking at me :(

Then I saw a 'model' through a window of a photo studio, she looks so real that I can't help to stay and look once more. However, I saw she winks, oh, she was a real lady, really beautiful, wear a wedding dress, and with flowers on her head. Later I took a picture of her, she appeared to be happy of this.

When I came back to where I'm living, I took a taxi. I tried to speak in Shaanxi dialect to the driver, he appeared to understand me. However, when I was just happy about this, he asked "Are you from Shandong?" Oh! I was actually speaking in Shandong dialect... That was funny and somewhat shamed. Anyway it's a good experience, and I know that I still need to practise more.

I do like this city, and I've planned to have a look at more places here.


Newly Artwork: A Dreaming Baby

It is a dreaming baby, sleeping on a bank of clouds. (Well, I believe you can figure it out yourself) Why dreaming? See that smile? :)

I don't know why I wanted to draw this, but I just drew this. It doesn't took me very long, I just decided to test the new software (see below).

To make the baby's position 'correct' (looks natural) and 'lovely' (looks like a baby), I spent hours in did the sketch, and modifed 5 more times. It is really hard to me to draw a position like this, just by imagination, so I searched and found a picture of a sleeping woman whose position is just like this, after that I copied the outline from the picture and then make it more like a baby.

This is really creation, and I did have a lot of fun in it.

The picture was made with GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program), a open-source cross-platform software. This is my first time to draw using this software.

Actually I decide to try this software just after I've managed to get my tablet working on Linux. I compared GIMP with Krita, probably the two most popular image manipulation tools on Linux, and I decide to use the former one because it seems to be more suitable to me.

Indeed, I found it not worse than Painter, and what's more, I found myself be able to remember its hot keys faster than Painter, one reason is GIMP is very flexible and customizable, some hot keys are actually set up by me :P

So I'm really happy about this one, not only the final picture, but as well as the process, including both the creation part and the tool part. I hope I'll do more like this, or better than this.