Latest Painting: A girl in my department but one year below me

Um, here's my latest painting, the girl in which is a student in my department, who is one year younger than me.

I finished this one really fast, it took me only about 7 hours. In fact I did have much time for it, so I just tried as fast as possible. Besides, there are still many strokes, which are supposed to be blurred, anyway, this is another effect :P

Besides speed, another thing I paid much attention to was the contrast, especially on the face. In my previous painting, I mean one high-school classmate, there was no highlight nor dark part. in which way the face is not that vivid. (Well, I have to say, I'm not good at sketch). I used to be afraid to use dark colors, because sometimes it'll make the face looks dirty. In this painting, however, I tried my best to use much contrasting colors, in order to make her feature clear. I think I did it in some sense.

Well, actually there is another important thing. Before I seemed to smear to much. I learned that technology when I learned Art Studio. But this time, I found that is not everything, most of time I was just abusing it. There are other ways, easier and better. So next time I'll pay more attention to that thing.

Anyway, I'm content with this one, fast and good. But I will do better than this.


Days in Country

I've just came back to Tianjin from my aunt's, where I've spent 3 days there.

My aunt lives in the country, a village in Hebei Province. It's my 2nd time been there, I've been there last year.

Last time I found that one of my friends in my university just lives very near, and this time I called him. It turned out that he lives just 3 villages far away. He came to my aunt's and picked me up to his house, where I spend one day then. He took me around, showed me many interesting things that I've never seen before, something like a complete, huge net with a huge spider on the center, and a clear shape because of dew in the morning. Or many kinds of plants, only a few of which can I tell their names. I had really a great time, and I really thank him.

Actually there are still some other interesting things: one is I saw a snake, I mean a real snake that I can touch, beside the road, knowing it is not poisoning, I came closer, examined and touched it, which I've never done before; another is there are many insects there, like bugs (my mother got really sick of this), locusts and wasps, I like insects, so I had my chance to examine them very close, just imagine those things flying and buzzing around your head! Well yet some fun in making fun with a dog, or chasing a rabbit(I tried twice and I failed twice, I found I can't do it, but it was really fun!)

The greatest thing there is there's no light outside, so in the evening it's totally dark outside, and also inside the house if you turn off the lights. What's more, it's completely silent, which is a perfect environment to relax & sleep, I felt so good in the evening!

Basically that was really a good place, air is fresh, houses are big. But sometimes it is not quite convenient there, like you have to go far to buy many things, or electricity and water supply are not continuous, and one big thing is it's hard to get on the Internet.

Anyway, I like that place, I hope I would spend more days there, and I hope I'll be able to go there once more.