Penumbra Requiem

This is the 3rd episode of the Penumbra series, or may be just an expansion pack of Black Plague, anyway, I tried this game, went through it in less than 5 hours.

Well, this time I didn't use any trainer or cheater, or even walkthroughs. Indeed, most of time I didn't use those things at first, but only when things become hard, when I feel I cannot finish easily, or even possibly.

This game, however, does not contain any ugly and sick monster, but only physical puzzles. I like that! That is exactly what make me thinking, I just want to do it by myself, the puzzles are so interesting. At the very end, there are two rather hard ones, but besides those, most puzzles are not quite hard.

There're still some frightening atmosphere in the game, but only under the condition that you've played the first 2 episodes (or at least the 2nd) . Some pieces of the story in the first 2 episodes are referred in this game. And there're similar scenes too.

I feel I just finished this game so quickly, it's still a good one.


魔女宅急便 fast review

I just did a fast review, really fast huh?

Well I always got different feelings when watching a movie for many times, maybe because I've already know the whole story, know who would say what at some time beforehand. Therefore I'm able to focus on other things. Usually I should be able to pay attention to more detailed things when watching some movie twice or more.

This movie, is not that moving this time, because I've knew the story beforehand, but also because I did fast-forward all the time. However, I turned of subtitles this time, and I found that I could understand most Japanese dialogue this time :) Besides, I learned several key technique of expression in animation, that is really cool.

I always believe that comic & anime is an art of omitting, since I've heard of this sentence. Indeed, you can't draw everything, but only the key things. So the most important thing is to decide what to draw and what not, that is, to omit something. I did learned a lot from this movie.

Well, another thing is, I decided to review 崖の上のポニョ later, let's see what I could tell then.

崖の上のポニョ & 魔女宅急便

Haven't been feeling quite good these days, basically because of tons of work. I decided to watch some movies these days.

I watched 崖の上のポニョ and 魔女宅急便, both produced by 'Studio Ghibli'. And I'm gonna say something about these two anime movies.

The first movie, I didn't feel like it just after watching it. Then I found that it is because I had only consider it a remade Japanese version of the traditional mermaid story, as it is said, or I've heard. I just thought that the movie didn't tell much things, just a plan story. Besides, I don't think Ponyo is quite lovely, but even somewhat like a monster @_@

However, I've learned after reading some more introduction material, that the main theme is to tell about the relationship between human beings and nature, as well as between human beings. Indeed, in the movie Ponyo (the mermaid) was trying her best to avoid the fishing boat as well as the rubbish in the sea; besides, I really appreciate the relationship between Sousuke (the little boy) and Lisa (his mother), Lisa and her husband, as well as Lisa and the grannies, which is really moving. Also I've learned that Mr. 宫崎骏 wanted to do something in this "神経症と不安の時代", so 'plan story' may be exactly what this movies wanted to show up, because in this abnormal society, 'plan story' is just not plan.

The good thing is Ponyo did really become a girl, but not turned into bubbles :D

Well, it's funny that I found it is said "子供向けの映画に" on a web page introducing this movie, but still I do like this movie right now (except thinking Ponyo is a monster) or maybe I am still too young in my heart? Or maybe not because I am thinking Ponyo is a monster? Whatever.

About the second movie, actually I've just finished watching it 1 hour ago. I've heard of it long time ago, but not till now have I really watch it. It tells about a girl's growing up. The story is good, but not new, however I like this kind. I don't want to say about the story, or I don't know how to say it, which really touched my heart, directly.

I really like Studio Ghibli's movies, at least those I've seen. Besides these two, I've also watched the famous Totoro and the 耳をすませば。 There are two things I like the best, the first is the story, always moving, but natural; normal, quite but beautiful. Another is the artwork. The scenes are always magnificant, but not rough, every some places are carefully drawed, by hand. The animation is also quite good, the movement are smooth and natural. Oh I don't know how it could get better.

The movies always make me feel relaxed, I hope I could watch more.