Best of best I've ever drawn

Although I always draw one 'best painting I've ever drawn' each time, this one is really memorable. I found I've made rather good progress.

I met the girl in my pingping class last semester, and I found her quite similar with the comic character I used to draw, then I asked her for some photos and tried to draw one.

Actually I found her 'easy-to-draw', because her face is round, as well as her eyes, nose and mouth. I treated each detail very carefully, such that the final picture is rather clear. I've also added some comic element this time, which works well! I sprung up when I did this one, it was much better than ever before, that's why I said this one is memorable.

Anyway, the shape is still copied from the original picture just like before. Besides, the background is painted at last but not at the beginning, therefore there's white border between background and the girl (I found it but decided not to fix it). What's more, I'm not content with her hand and hair I drew.

On the other hand, I'm content with her eyes, nose and mouth I drew, like I've said, they were 'easy-to-draw'. I painted thin and clear border of each of them, i.e. what I called 'comic element', which made the final image a mix of photo and comic. That's just my favorite style!

I'm really happy with this one, but I know there're still much more things I'll need to learn. I just love painting!


First Time I Drew A Boy

The boy is in the same department with me but one year above me. I promised him for a portrait a month ago.

This is the first time I drew a man, I've been somewhat afraid of this because I knew there're differences between drawing men and women. But it turned out that it's far not as difficult as I've thought of.

This time I paid much more attention on the color I use, the painting should look much more nature than before. Actually I found I've used pink too much before, so this time I tried to add some yellow thing, and make the color darker as well. It works!

Another thing is at first I tried to do a sketch, but later soon I found that I did have difficulties in painting the shadow. I should need more and more practice.

Anyway, I did it.


A Grinning Girl

Another painting during this vacation, and it took me 2 days to finish it.

I got to know this girl years ago. Months ago I happened to met her again on the Internet, and then I promised her a portrait.

Still, the shape is copied, while the colors are toned and painted by myself. I did try to do the sketch, but small difference (especially on the face) would produce huge lookings in one's mind. Even the copied shape has a different looking than the real photo.

And about the color, although I've learned a lot from the last painting of a girl, but at first I found myself still a little afraid of using dark colors. but I found the face looked very flat, that I have to enhance the contrast. I emphasized the part of nose, mouse and eyes, which would make the painting more clear and vivid. However, I think I could do better.

I paid much more attention on the details this time. I've used a 1-pixel smudge tool to smear the strokes, in order to hide the fact that 'it's painted'. Although there are still some strokes, the whole picture looks much better, and one should get to know that it's been carefully processed.

The final looking is ok, I'm content with it. But I'm not content with just copying the shape, so maybe I'd better draw some prospects, or compose one. Let's see.