Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed -- back again

Not until recently I got to know that a new series of 'Magic's Biggest Secret Finally Revealed' is being broadcast. And of course, I could hardly wait for a minute to watch the episodes.

Till now I've watched 4 or 5 of them, still amazing like before.

When I first watched the series years before, I just like the masked magician, who would like and 'dared to' share the secret with the audience. But later I knew that series was forbidden in many placed, and the masked magician was made 'infamous'. However, Now I am not only like the episodes, but also respect the masked magician, as well as the assistants, not only those of the masked magician, but of all the magician on the stage.

It is said in the episodes 'Women (assistants) did all the work, but all the glory is given to the magician', that's true, and that most people have not realized. Anyway, the idea was created by the magicians, so they're amazing indeed, but the assitants, some are even behind the scene, always do the most uncomfortable or dangerous thing, they're the real hero.

Besides, I don't hate the masked magician who reveal the secrets, as long as those are too out-dated. Although the secrets is everything for the magician, and they won't live if everyone knows all the secrets; however, nobody today want to see rabbits and pigeons coming out of magicians' hands. Most tricks revealed in the episodes are really old. I think the secrets should be protected only for a period, like patent. Such that magician are encouraged and force to create more and more amazing and exciting illusions.

At last, thank to the masked magician and his assitants again.