007: Casino Royale (1967)

I didn't know what made me decided to review the 007 series, still my Filezilla is busy with downloading more than 80G movies.

I've seen 4 of 007 movies, while the 1967 one "Casino Royale" impressed me most, especially its music.

"The look of love" -- I've listen to the Peter White version on smooth jazz channel in sky.fm for many many time, that I recognized it the moment I heard it in the movie. It was such an interesting feeling that you found something really familiar within something really old, it's like you found the root of that thing (indeed I did :) ). But the versions in the movies was surely not the same as the Peter White's, there was a Jazz version as well as Dusty Springfield's version, amazing voice!

Soon later I found Diana Krall's version on Youtube, also very impressive! I listen to the song (all the versions) again and again, now the song stuck in my head, and it's really hard for me to get rid of it.

Well seems like I said too much about the song. The movie itself is also impressive. It's not like a traditional 007 movie. I felt something 'unusual' at the very beginning when 007's house is bombed. Then I realized that the whole movie is a comedy! It was really funny, really, I couldn't stop laughing, I didn't expected that when I decided to watch 007 series. Anyway that was quite a good feeling.

I also found that in many places this movie is not counted as one of 007 series, maybe because it's funny content or something, but I think it's just another flavor, guns and girls and guns and girls -- is getting boring...

There're still many left, and let me get through slowly @ @ :P