Fight Club

Seems like I always have a lot of things to say after a movie.

The story began with one FML item, where I first heard of the movie Fight Club. "The first two rules" is interesting enough for me to have a look at the movie, or at least some intro of it.

And of course I found lots of positive comments and high rating of it, which means I'll have to take a look.

Luckily I found a DVD in the library, and watched it this evening...

What I got from the movie is, "Isn't that exactly my story?"

No, I'm kidding, but I did found lots of commons between me and Tyler, and sometimes I had a similar feeling that I'm another people, hopefully I not ill.

I like this kind of mind-blowing movies, it was totally a mess until the end, where you understand everything all in a sudden. It also helps me to understand myself.

So need more reviews, I mean re-view.


flippancy, flippancy

When I first learned to use GUI programs many years ago, like even Minesweeper, Painter, I felt them so amazing, exciting and mysterious, I swore that I would learn how it works.

And now, I do have learned the mechanism of all of them.

So what?

Everything is so normal, simple, ignorable. "Yeah, I know it, all of it, what's the big deal?"

I switched, changed, tried many softwares, of different types. "Hmm. this one sucks, this is faster, but lack of some functions, this one is better, but too heavy, too slow..." I have always been trying to find a best one, or the one most suitable to me.

What's wrong?

When using Firefox, I removed(hid) the menu bar, I made the navigation bar smaller, I even tried to hide the location bar. I never leave the sidebar open -- I close it as soon as I won't need it. --- I can't concentrate with those things.

Recently I wrote a program, I spent around 3 or 4 days before I complete the GUI interface. Building GUI is one of the most boring thing to me, even for this time, it's the first time for me to learn something about GTK, make it a little bit more interesting.

The result, pretty good, I like the interface I built, and actually it's copied from another software -- I'm not plagiarizing, just porting into another platform.


I tried lots of BT clients, until I stopped (again) at Vuze (previously Azureus, I've used it), because it supports DHT better. It has a HD network embed, I never tried it until this time, I subscribed the one about TED talks, but never opened it today.

And, as you guess, I open it today, for no reason, and opened one of them seems most interesting to me, and then download it. Then I found the speed rose up to faster than 1MB/s -- Too fast!

Too fast -- which was the first idea came into my mind, I even forgot the content of the movie. Later I browsed the library inside it, and found on more interesting one, and, subscribed the feed.


After calm down, I realized that there are too much works done in Azureus, before late I also realized that it's also true for many other softwares:

1. I forced myself to watch a more-than-10-minute video about commands(shortcuts) in bash -- all Emacs-like stuff...
2. I found the 'add a keyword for this search' feature of Firefox while I was browsing Definr... I never noticed that before...

So all of them, each one of them is the amazing work of the programmers -- just as I had though many many years ago, when I was still a child; but now I didn't realized that.

Too flippancy, I just need to calm down, relax, and restart to learn.