Floral Magician Mary Bell

Based on the cover of an OST of this anime, with several modifications. For example, the girl was set to be around 4 years old in the original picture, but become around 10 years old in my version.

This one cost me 18 hours, while at first I had thought that I'd be able to finish it in 4 hours...

This must be the most "clean" one I've ever done, I mean I made the strokes, curves, and fillings very carefully. However I found many gaps at last, this is because I make the background at the very end, so I missed the gaps when the white background was being used. Now I'm too tired to fix them.

This must also be the most "clear" one I've ever done, it's 300dpi on A4 paper, the source file is larger than 15M. I'd never expect this at first.

I discovered several tools in Painter good for hand drawing, like 'rotation', I wonder why I haven't found it. And I think I'll need to learn how to fill in colors as fast as possible.

I'm really proud of this one, but really tired now. I'll need a very very good rest before my next drawing.