Last day in Vietnam

Have been in Vietnam for programming contest for 4 days, and this is the last day (since already after 00:00)

"Yesterday",we went to one of the famous places here, called Halong Bay, and for me, that's an interesting trip.

We were together with many our tourists from Japanese or US. And there were also two guides, one can speak English and Chinese, and another can speak Japanese.

I tried to understand the Japanese guide (I think she is Vietnamese,but here I mean the guide who can speak Japanese), I think I understood some easy parts, like "take care of yourself" "we have 3 hours left", which was quite similar from what I've heard in the Japanese classes. But things went harder when she began to introduce the Halong Bay, too difficult for me.

During the trip there was a break, we tried to find one of the guides and asked for the time we should come back to the bus. We cannot find the English one, but the Japanese one came towards us. I asked her in Japanese, without a second thought, although made some syntax errors; she understood and told me "20 minutes later". Wow! I hadn't expected this to be so smooth.

Then things became a little bit more challenging, as the Japanese guide might had thought that I can speak Japanese, so she always repeat her instructions to me when she saw me (there are basically two groups, and I'm with the English group of course). Once she come to me and praised me for one of my photos; and another, she tried to told me that it's better to have 2 people on a kayak (since we have only 3 people there). Luckily, she didn't say hard words, such that I could understood most of them.

Well, seems like the Japanese speaking thing is much more expressive to me than the trip itself. Halong bay indeed is a great place, but for me, a better experience is to found myself the capability of expression in another language, which is quite amazing.

Maybe I should learn more Japanese?

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