iPad and Drawing

Finally I couldn't help me buy a ipad, just because of the amazing drawing software skecthbook pro. This thing cost me around 4k HKDs, I've quite made up my mind about this, just like before when I spent 1k CNY for a graphic tablet.

Actually that ipad is, somehow, changing into a game console...well well well...I'll fix that, maybe.

I met my drawing master online days before, who was actually my classmate before, and had taught me many things about drawing. I talked with her for a while, basically about my few past drawing, and future directions.

I have two of my past drawings pinned on the wall at my desk, which are Floral Magician Mary Bell and A Baby Girl, which were done respectively nearly one year ago, and half a year ago.

I've never done that, I've never been able to watch (or "tolerate") my drawings for such a long time. But these two, however, are special to me, they represent my highest skill in these two types of drawing so far. I believe that before long I won't be able to do better than these two, although I'll still try to do better.

There are something lucky in these two drawings, especially for the "baby girl" one, a much higher contract was gained after scanned, so the picture looks much more neat, clear and vivid. I don't know when is the next time for me to be such lucky again.

These two drawings cost me 18 hours and 6 hours respectively, I decided to draw them because I couldn't help myself. At the first glance of the original photo of the baby girl, I thought I'd loved that girl, I was eager to draw a picture for her. And that's probably why I could devote myself completely during drawing, even for hours. After finishing them, I had a feeling of "waken up", I even don't remember how I did it, that's amazing, but maybe I didn't gain much experience about the process, or actually I did but I just have not realized that?

Now I've got a new toy, or tool, with a different experience from tablet. Although the touchscreen of ipad is not pressure sensitive, the good thing is I can directly move my finger to where I want to draw, which is in some sense more important than pressure. I've thought about buying something like Wacom Cintiq, but, well, that's too expensive to me.

I've bought a cheap stylus for ipad, but actually it's much worse than my fingers. I've started drawing on ipad, and here are some sketches: here, here and here, and I think I've got the basic usage of the software.

These two characters are created by myself, and 2nd one is actually based on a girl whom I would like to call my 6th sis, although she may not accept that. I've decided to do my creations, instead of imitation for ever.

Now my plan is to continue work on these characters, and do more practice about movement, animals, cloth and expressions. I expect that I'll gain quite a number of things from the process.



Autodesk SketchBook Pro

The title is them name of a software, for drawing, especially for sketch.

Well, this is not an ad for the the software, I just found it when I search for something interesting about drawing on iPad. Later I found there's also a Windows version available.

Having tried for a couple of minutes, this guy is (much) simpler than Painter or Photoshop, and more complex than Artstudio. And it's apparent that the software has been highly optimized for touchscreen devices (like iPad), especially the UI.

The effects, basically I mean the brushes, are quite natural and smooth -- just like other softwares, which is not quite a big deal nowadays.

Although not quite sure, but it should be quite suitable to me, as its simplicity, and design for amateurs like me. The number of different brushes are not as many as Painter, where I just get lost, and there are not many parameters either. It's just like ArtStudio, but provides more things, at least not only a pen and a finger.

Anyway I just used Painter as ArtStudio except for layers and more brushed, quite a waste. Why there's no "amateur mode" or "easy mode" in Painter? Or did I just miss it?

So I need a deeper look at this stuff, maybe I'll buy a tablet because of it, just maybe.