Autodesk SketchBook Pro

The title is them name of a software, for drawing, especially for sketch.

Well, this is not an ad for the the software, I just found it when I search for something interesting about drawing on iPad. Later I found there's also a Windows version available.

Having tried for a couple of minutes, this guy is (much) simpler than Painter or Photoshop, and more complex than Artstudio. And it's apparent that the software has been highly optimized for touchscreen devices (like iPad), especially the UI.

The effects, basically I mean the brushes, are quite natural and smooth -- just like other softwares, which is not quite a big deal nowadays.

Although not quite sure, but it should be quite suitable to me, as its simplicity, and design for amateurs like me. The number of different brushes are not as many as Painter, where I just get lost, and there are not many parameters either. It's just like ArtStudio, but provides more things, at least not only a pen and a finger.

Anyway I just used Painter as ArtStudio except for layers and more brushed, quite a waste. Why there's no "amateur mode" or "easy mode" in Painter? Or did I just miss it?

So I need a deeper look at this stuff, maybe I'll buy a tablet because of it, just maybe.

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