My Sis

I promised my sis for a new avatar of her, and this is it.

I am actually learning colors, theories and practical tricks. I started trying to mix up colors since the last few color drawings, but in comic style, which is much easier then in realistic style.

And now comes the challenge. Before, my problem was that I always focused on the details on a small part of the image, for example, on the eyes, I would try my best to finish the eyes, but often resulting in a pair of beautiful eyes on a strange face... They just did not match... I knew this problem, but sometimes I just cannot relax...

After watching several videos, I have already got a rouge idea of the steps, say pick up highlight/normal/dark colors, fill in with the normal color, mark the dark part and light part, blur, reduce the size of the brush and repeat the steps to add details... Just something like that.

And I forced myself to relax while drawing this one. Actually it took me a week for this one, each day I just drew a bit before I felt boring, and I spent a lot of time looking at it, to find the strange spots. In this way, I have always be aware of a global idea of the picture, the picture looks good to me in the end. (well I mean the colors, I do need more practice on hair drawing).

Here are something I have learned:

1.Add some red on the highlight part of the skin, to make it lovely, instead of a illness looking
2.I learned the snow effect from a software that is able to make styles of oldish photos. I mean the while short line segments, quite useful!
3.For the lips, use a red color with similar hue value as the skin.
4.Use a stylus! I made up my mind to buy a stylus for ipad just before this drawing, it's not cheap but I do think it worth the price. The stylus helped a lot!
5.Use a good monitor! The colors on iPad are perfect, but not on my laptop... The colors are just quite dull there. Until now have I realized such huge difference...
6.iPad is great! Sketchbook Pro is great! I was trying to draw with my graphical tablet, but then I found still ipad is better (at least to me, since I don't need too much pressure sensitivity, but I do need to see where I am going to draw at)

OK, that's all

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