New Pencil Sketch: Xiao Putao

It has been days from last sketch 'A Baby Girl', or actually already half a year. I've been always eager to draw a better one, but only when I could see a new lovely photo.

And recently, I did saw one, this pouting little girl called 'Xiao Putao'. I instantly got that familiar feeling that I am eager to draw this one, then I know I can probably make it better than the last one.

Well, the result, some parts are indeed better, some are not. But what is important, through this drawing I did realized something about drawing, and I did know how I make this one.

Last time when I drew 'A Baby Girl', I was so concentrated for about 7~8 hours, then I suddenly realized that it had been finished, and I did not even know how I did it, which is not a good thing since first this means the drawing is good just accidentally, second I had not learned much from this drawing...

This time it is different, I spent days for it, made some progress each day, I did design the shape, shades etc... I just felt so good!

Well now I will pause pencil things temporarily for a period, and start to learn colors, on iPad... Let's see (the next post)

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