New Painting: Kuugen Tenko

Requested by a friend of mine, then I made him waiting for nearly one year.... until now

He requested just after he saw Marybell I draw one year ago. What he didn't know is that I became quite fear with painting colors after that drawing, as it cost me too much time...

Recent I have tried several simple paintings with color, I some I've made some progress, so days before I decided to do this one for him.

This one costed me 20-30 hours...oops, even more than the Marybell one, however the quality is much better, I learnt some gradient this time.

Another thing important is that this is not imitated except for the character, I had browsed a number of the images of this character before I started to draw. It's quite fun not only copying something, but creating something.

Well I guess I need some rest before next such-time-costing painting, feeling too tired.