First Day In Japan

It's my first day in Japan.

Japan is basically not much different from what I had thought of, from either the textbooks, or videos. I did not sense too much things in Japanese style until I reached my hotel.

First of all, I hadn't expected that the receptionists in such an international hotel can barely speak English. I have already heard the officers in the immigration port speaking English in Japanese accent, but that was still clear to me. But arriving at the hotel, it took us several minute to communicate with the receptionist -- And this is a good change for me to practice my oral Japanese anyway.

Hardly had I entered my room when I noticed that there's small, or wait, no extra free space at all. Everything are carefully packed in some places. I have to watch my steps moving myself -- no it's not crowded actually. I do have heard about this before, Japanese people are always trying to save resources, especially spaces.

Equipments, I have never seen so all-sided utilities in any hotel. First example, many hotel provides wired network, but none of those I've been provided cables. Others, face soap is in foam, but not solid or liquid, and hanging on the wall near the shower you will find body soap/conditioner/shampoo -- while most hotels like to provide these in small bottles or small plastic bags. There's also a spray for disinfection and disodorization of clothes and shoes.

Finally, I've rarely seen toothbrush/toothpaste in hotels outside China.

Oh no, I should not have forgotten the special washlet in Japan, the water spray.

The valve of the bathtub is a electrical handle, actually there are three handles there, respectively for shower/bathtub/temperature. There's also a safe button on the temperature handle at 40 centi degree...

I understand that this is a different culture, but not purely a good thing. This may looks weird in western countries, but I feel quite good about this, I do see their consideration of the customers, of the people, and especially how to make a better life with scientific technologies. But actually still I have some doubt, I think that too much convenience may lead to more lazy and stupid people...

At 6pm, we walked around the hotel, we saw men and women are in suits, carrying suitcases and umbrellas, women are in make-up, with their heads slightly lowered, walking swiftly. -- These are indeed the classical shape of Japanese workers, in my mind.

So this is how I feel about Japan, in the first day.